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   Chapter 43 Investigating The Gu Clan

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"Why do you come to my house today? I know that Yolande was in your hand. So, just tell me what you want to do. " Austin turned his back. He hated the woman so much that he didn't even look at her behind him. Because Yolande has disappeared for five days, he was exhausted and couldn't sleep. Seeing that woman, Austin got angry for no reason.

"Mr. Lin, I don't have any important thing to do today. After all, you are my brother-in-law. Is there anything wrong that the sister-in-law comes to visit her brother-in-law? "

Austin raised his eyebrows. Apparently, this woman came here to provoke him, so he ignored her.

"You have my wife, I guess. It's been five days. Please let her come back. You can ask anything you want." Austin said coldly.

"You mean I have my sister. Mr. Lin, I hope you don't take it wrong. Yolande was kidnapped. I'm just a weak woman. How can I have such a wide range of contacts and even from the underworld. Even the dignified Austin can't find such a group of people in a short time. " Sunny lowered her eyes and pretended to be aggrieved.

Austin's heart skipped a beat. He had a hunch that there must be someone behind her. In fact, it was highly possible that Aron had also planned the kidnapping.

Austin knew very well that Sunny came to provoke him. And he didn't want to see that woman at all.

"Mona, see her out."

His voice was as cold as ice, like the day in November with ten degrees below zero. Mona had seen Austin grow up. In her eyes, young master was always gentle, modest and polite. He was kind to others. But this time Mona didn't expect his indifference. As far as she knew, the way Austin spoke suggested that the woman sitting on the sofa touched his bottom line and Yolande was his bottom line. The servant couldn't refuse when her master told her to see the woman off.

"Lady, I'm sorry. Please leave here." Mona was polite enough to open the door of the living room a

has been devoid of conscience." Austin said ironically.

"Mr. Lin, I have sent the information to your email. You must have received it."

"The second young master of the Gu clan, actually, Brian is half a playboy who can't get along well with Aron. He has inherited a lot of the property of the Gu family. Anyway, he has also spent a lot of his money. " Reported Austin's assistant.

"Keep investigating. There must be something we don't know." Said Austin.

He closed the computer and took a few sips of tea, his handsome face passing a trace of imperceptible contempt.

After figuring out Brian, he was sure that Brian was involved in the kidnap. So he decided to ask him out.

Then he called the office of the Gu company.

"Hello, this is the telephone number of Brian's office. Who are you?"

Her voice was sweet and crisp.

"I'm looking for Brian. Is he in the office? May I speak to him? " Said Austin.

"Yes, sir. Please wait a moment."

Not long after, he heard a gentle and impatient voice.

"This is Brian. Who's that speaking, please?"

"See you at East Bridge Coffee at two o'clock in the afternoon. I'm Austin Lin."

Brian frowned. He knew why Austin called him. After thinking for a while, he decided to keep the appointment.

"Of course I will."

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