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   Chapter 33 Sunny Was Furious

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In the villa of the Su family

"What? That bitch had been promoted? The finance director of Austin's company? "

The face was wearing a facial mask, and her eyes were glaring with malice. In front of her stood a respectful man. The man was slightly scared and spoke very carefully.

"Yes, and..."The man paused.

"And what? Can you make it clear at once? You are really useless to talk in such a coward way. " Sunny was ashamed into anger.

"Besides, she is very capable and highly respected by employees. What's more, she makes Austin more convinced of her working ability. " The man said.

Hearing what the man said, Sunny's face under the mask suddenly changed and she was short of breath.


A glass was thrown to the ground from the back of shivering man. The man trembled with fear as the glass fell on the wood floor. A loud noise drew Wendy's attention.

"What's wrong, my sweetheart? What happened? Why are you so angry?" Wendy rushed out of the bedroom. The moment Sunny saw her mother, Sunny felt very aggrieved and threw herself into her arms, ignoring the facial mask that she was applying to smudge her mother's expensive silk satin.

Wendy touched Sunny's long hair that was about to be hammered to her waist. "Sweetheart, what's wrong? If you have any grievance, you should tell mommy. You can't choke it to death. "

At the same time, she beckoned the man, who was standing in front of her with his head lowered and his body slightly trembling, to leave. Wendy's face was full of disgust for the man who was slightly shaking. The man bowed and ran out of the room. The Su family's mother and daughter had always been domineering. Since Mr. Su passed away, the servants who worked for him before were under orders of them. The servants lived like walking on thin ice. Especially recently, Sunny was bullied by Austin and Yolande. So she vented her anger on the servants.

"Mother, it was Y

ny's eyes made people tremble with fear.

Wendy was not a kind woman. She was more vicious than Sunny.

"My dear daughter, Yolande is full of schemes. With her, we won't live a good life. And we should take back the family property left by father. " Wendy's voice was cold and harsh.

Sunny pulled up the mask on her face and rubbed it back and forth in the palm of that white hand. Suddenly, she came up with an idea. Throwing the crumpled mask onto the floor, Sunny stood up and was about to go back to her room.

"Daughter, where are you going?" Wendy shouted behind Sunny.

"I'm going to make a call. I want to...There is no way that Yolande could escape this time. "

After she returned to her room and closed the door, Sunny took out her cell phone and dialed the number of Brian Gu.

"No one comes to the palace without a reason. What's the matter?" Brian said flatly.

"I want that bitch, Yolande, to pay a heavy price. You have to help me this time. Don't forget, we used to be on the same boat. It's not easy for you to get rid of yourself. " Said Sunny.

Brian thought for a while. Although he was annoyed that JSunny asked him to work for her again, he had intervened in this at the very beginning. He couldn't stop.

"What do you want to do?" Said Brian.

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