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   Chapter 32 Becoming The Financial Director

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Updated: 2020-03-26 00:12

The night gradually darkened and the moon hung in the sky.

Tonight, the manager of the company notified the employees to work overnight to make a detailed financial plan project. Because the project was very urgent, all the employees were left to work overtime.

Of course...As a common accountant of a company, Yolande chose to stay here for overtime work.

She quickly refined her make-up in the bathroom and rushed to the office with her bag. Just when she was about to get inside, her phone rang. It was Dr. Sun.

"Mrs. Lin, Mr. Lin hasn't come back yet. He is weak now, so he can't work too hard." Dr. Sun said seriously on the other end of the line.

"He is working overtime. Dr. Sun, don't worry. I am going to persuade him to go home now."

She put her phone in her bag, took her foot back and headed to Austin' office.

Bang! Bang! Bang

"Come in."

The woman pushed the door open violently. She looked a little irritated. As soon as she refined her make-up, the fragrance of her delicate make-up floated into Austin's nose. His gorgeous face looked a bit more delicate.

"Now...I...I order you not to work overtime. Go back quickly. " She raised her head in a threatening manner.

Austin looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. She was cute in his eyes, He stood up and approached her slowly.

"You guys are going to work overtime tonight. If they get to know that Mrs. Lin doesn't need to work overtime in her office, but in Austin's office..."The man's angular face slowly approached her, and a meaningful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Involuntarily, Yolande's cheeks flushed and she retreated slowly.

"I...I'm going to work. You...You'd better go back now, or Dr. Sun will be worried about you. "

She then left his office. Her face was as red as ripe persimmon, and her heart was filled with a strange feeling. She couldn't explain it clearly. After saying that, she went back to her office and took her seat. Since everyone was working overtime, she opened the documents on her desk and began working overtime.

His handsome face emerged in Yolande's mind. And her heart involuntaril

g carefully, but found nothing. The tag of the bottle was ripped off. She knew that he tried his best not to let her know about his disease.

Yolande was getting more and more anxious. She was afraid that the result she didn't want to see would happen.

Unconsciously, she opened her heart to Austin who was just a stranger to her.

Since her last work mistake, Yolande had worked harder. Within just a few days, she had promoted her professional knowledge greatly and was able to cope with any emergency in her work easily.

The position of senior executives of the company was vacant after the jail dropping of financial director. Austin intended to appoint Yolande to be the position of financial director.

"I...I'm inexperienced. " She stammered.

"I believe that you can be qualified for the position of financial director. After all, you have accumulated a lot of experience in your work, and I believe that you can do this job," He said affirmatively.

"I had this idea a long time ago to let you take over the position of the financial director. Otherwise, how can you achieve the great strength. Don't you want to see Aron become angry from embarrassment after being defeated by you? "

"I'll take over the position of financial director. I won't let you down." Yolande said confidently.

His words kindled the fire of seduction to her as the financial director. Ashamed Aron would make her happy.

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