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   Chapter 30 Being Humiliated By Aron Gu

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Yolande walked into the house that she was familiar with, and a servant served her a cup of tea.

"Miss, have some tea please."

"Don't you remember me? I'm Yolande. I came here with Niles last time. " The servant shook his head and claimed that he didn't know her.

Yolande thought she must be dreaming.

Seeing that the housekeepers and servants of the Lin family didn't know her, she was a little embarrassed. She could only greet them and said, "since Mr. and Mrs. Lin are not here, I will come again next time." then she left.

Walking out of the Austin's parents' villa, Yolande was depressed. It seemed that it would not be easy to find out what illness Austin had.

The exterior of the Lin family's villa was chic and elegant, looking from afar. She was too nervous last time she came with Austin, so she didn't observe it carefully. However, when the housekeepers and servants of Austin's parents saw her, they all felt as if they had never seen her before. Her heart was full of doubts. When she was in Austin's parents' house last time, the maids were very thoughtful to make tea for her.

After walking out of Austin's parents' villa for a long distance, Yolande saw a familiar car from a distance, and she was shocked.

"Why is he here?"

Aron just got out of the client's house, and saw a woman through the car window who was strolling leisurely on the road. He honked his horn, then leaned against the car and got off.

"Isn't this Mrs. Lin?" He satirized.

Yolande looked at the man in front of her, who was still in his usual elegant demeanor. He was as arrogant as before, as if he would never lose to anyone. Ever since she married Austin, Aron had been less and less important in her heart. Well, it wasn't difficult for her to forget him who was guarded by her for three years.

If she had a feeling for him, then she hated him! After three years' life of abuse, how could she forget it so easily? Much less, she had never forgotten her indecent past and her injury brought by that man. He would slowly understand.

"Oh, it's you, Mr. Gu." She looked at him with contempt.

Aron looked at the woman in front of him with cold eyes, arrogant face and full of disdain. He was a little surprised. This was completely different from the woman who had humbly entangled with him before, as if they were not the same person. The woman in front of him threw a defiant look at him.

"Huh! A vicious woman like you doesn't deserve a good man like Austin. Do you know you are nothing but trash? " Aron satirized.

Yolande didn't show the slightest bit of politeness. "Mr. Gu, you think that I don't deserve to marry. Should I live alone for the rest of my life? How narcissistic you are." Yolande looked up at him and said, "Mr. Gu, I love Austin very much and we have a happy life. You don't need to worry about me."

"My husband's company lost an important project. It was Mr. Gu who did it, wasn't it? Don't you feel shameless to do this? We are all businessmen. Mr. Gu's action has successfully widened Austin's and my horizon! Sure enough, the forest is big and full of birds. "

Aron's face darkened. He had planned to humiliate this woman, but he didn't expect that she would do this to him. He became angry from embarrassment.

"Is the words of Austin so convincing? I have money and status. I don't need to compete for other companies' projects. " After that. Aron glared at the woman in front of him. He felt ashame

d that his lies were exposed. The cold woman in front of him panicked him. With a scowling face, he sat into the car with a rage, slammed the door, and hit the gas.

Yolande did not leave any room for him to counterattack, which overturned her weak image in his mind. After learning her ability, although he was very angry, he also had another feeling except angry

He looked forward to the next confrontation with her, which was inexplicable. He likes to challenge, so that he can arouse his endless fighting desire as a man.

A satisfied smile emerged on Yolande's face as she watched Aron's car disappear in her sight. He was ashamed into anger, which cheered her up.

The sun above her head was covered by a large cloud, and the trees along the road were rustling with the wind.

The ground was wet from the rain. The air was fresh.

She took a deep breath and headed to the villa.

After he was forced to take a day off by Dr. Sun, Austin went back to his busy work. Yolande was also busy reading professional books for her financial analysis. Their company has lost an important project, although nothing serious. It still had a certain impact on the company's overall operation.

Dr. Sun still lived in Lin's house in Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He supervised Austin to take medicine and rest on time. Dr. Sun was solemn with a smile, and Yolande had never seen him smile before. His daily task was to cook medicine for Austin and wait for Austin to go home after work. Austin didn't come back after nine o'clock.

Dr. Sun would ask Yolande to call Austin and urge him to go home. He was weak and needed more sleep. Every time Yolande called him, "You need to rest quietly to recuperate, Dr. Sun worried about you and hoped you can go home as soon as possible. "

"Okay, I'll be right back."

Putting down her cellphone, she fell into a trance. In fact, she wanted to say that she was also worried about you. However, she held back her words.

Dr. Sun and Mona were responsible for taking care of Austin's medicine, and they never allowed her to take it.

Yolande also tried to read the instruction book of the Austin's medicine to find out what was wrong with him. Helpless...All the instructions and boxes of the medicine had been burnt by Dr. Sun. With just a white pill, Yolande couldn't see anything special in it.

Urged by Yolande's call, Austin dragged himself home.

"Excessive consumption will only make you more physically overdraft. You should understand this point." Austin was changing his shoes at the door. Sitting on the sofa, Dr. Sun said earnestly and earnestly.

Austin changed his cotton slippers and sat down. Mona brought him a bowl of bone soup. He picked up the bowl and drank it in one gulp. After finishing the soup, he took the medicine under the gaze of Dr. Sun.

"You should go to bed now." Dr. Sun urged.

Austin nodded and went to bed.

Since Aron had a quarrel with Yolande last time, he had been watching her from time to time and wanted to humiliate her again at a proper opportunity.

In the Lin Villa

"Mona, go to sleep. I'll wait for him here." Said Yolande.

"Mr. Lin is always so busy that he often ignores his health. "Madam, please persuade him. He will listen to what you said." Dr. Sun isn't here tonight. Mr. Lin comes home late again. " Said Mona, worried.

"He...If he didn't take a good rest with busy work, he might...What will happen? " Yolande asked cautiously.

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