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   Chapter 29 What's Wrong With Him

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In the Lin Villa

It was late at night. There were cicada sounds outside from time to time.

Yolande put her head on her arms on the table and turned the financial statements one by one, although she was sleepy. Her eyelids slowly sank and she felt hard to lift them. She forced herself to open her eyes and take another look at the finance, although she didn't read a word. Her eyelids began to droop fiercely. She yawned, stretched and jumped onto the bed to sleep.

"I'm so sleepy. Go to sleep. "

Yolande covered herself with a comfortable quilt, and the fragrance from the sheets came into her nose. She turned over with a rabbit in her arms. Maybe she was really sleepy and fell asleep soon.

early morning

Ding dong, ding dong.

She turned off the alarm clock at the bedside and withdrew her hand. A few minutes later

A head got out of the quilt. Her small palm sized face was concealed under the orange light of the lamp. She rubbed her eyes so that she could see the white ceiling clearly with her dim eyes. She woke up and got out of bed.

After getting dressed, she walked into the bathroom to wash up. When going through the room of Autin, Austin's room was closed.

She confused. Austin had the habit of waking up early. He was a self-disciplined man. He got up two hours earlier than going to work every morning, to read the newspaper and have breakfast. But now...His room was closed. He had got up or was still sleeping.

Yolande put her hand within ten centimeters of Austin's door. But her hand stopped in midair. She didn't knock.

After washing up, she went downstairs to make breakfast for Austin. She walked to the end of the stairs.

Dr. Sun was smoking in the living room. He exhaled a cloud of smoke from his mouth with a serious look on his face. Mona sat in front of Dr. Su and seemed to be in a daze.

From a long distance, Yolande could feel the solemn atmosphere in the living room.

She looked upstairs and then turned to the living room.

"Austin, is he okay? "

She asked while walking into the living room.

"Good morning, madam." Mona stood up and said.

"Where is Austin? Why didn't I see him this morning? " Her voice sounded anxious.

"Mr. Lin has been very tired recently. Dr. Sun let him sleep a little longer." Mona added.

Since Dr. Sun lived in the villa of the Lin family, Austin had more rest time than before. Under Dr. Sun's supervisor, he took medicine on time and went to bed early. But now...Austin got up late for the first time. Yolande felt uneasy. She noticed that Austin's body was becoming weaker day by day. It seemed that everyone was hiding something from her, and no one, including Austin, decided to tell her.

She went into the kitchen and was about to make breakfast for him. Because of his poor health, he ate light food. She cooked millet porridge, steamed bun and fruit juice. Then she placed the breakfast on the table one by one.

"Today you are not right in every place. You should rest at home for a day." Dr. Sun said sternly.

Austin walked down the stairs. He saw that Yolande raised her head and looked at him worriedly. A nameless fear crossed his chest. What if...If he was gone, who would protect her?

Yolande went back to the kitchen and made herself a piece of cake. She always liked desserts. When she returned to the dining table, Austin was already seated.

"Morning!"Said Austin.

"Good morning..."

He took a spoonful of soup and put it into his mouth. After several days' rest, his body recovered slightly. Dr. Sun was staring at him at home. It seemed that he couldn't go to the comp

any today. After taking a bite of steamed bun with the bean paste, Austin called his secretary.

"Mr. Lin, what can I do for you?"

"I'm afraid I can't go to the company today. If anything happens, report to me at any time." Said Austin.

"Yes, sir. There is nothing serious in the company. I will report to you anytime if something happens. "

"That's ok." Austin put down his phone and continued to eat breakfast.

"Dr. Sun, what's wrong with Austin?" Dr. Sun was wandering around the villa when Yolande found him alone. She had already guessed that Austin wanted to hide it from her. So she took a chance to ask Warren alone.

"Mrs. Lin, Mr. Lin has been very weak since childhood. He is a workaholic. His life is not regular. You must have seen it. He needs more rest. " Replied Dr. Sun. Dr. Sun seemed unwilling to talk about this topic with Yolande. He was just to make a perfunctory reply for her question. She knew that Dr. Su was not telling her the truth. How could he spit out blood just with weak body more than once.

The sun was so hot that Yolande could hardly open her eyes. Not far from Austin' villa, there was a park. Many elders were playing cards after dinner. With one hand on his back, Dr. Sun walked towards the park slowly.

In the villa

"Mona, don't tell Yolande about my illness." Austin exhorted.

"Mr. Lin, please be at ease. Dr. Sun and I won't tell anyone about this. We know you did it for Mrs. Lin's own good. " Mona added.

"Well, it's better not to let her know."

The man in the room picked up a glass and took a sip of water. Then he looked out of the window. The woman wore a white dress with long hemline on the ground and a high ponytail. She looked into the distance, with confusion in her eyes. Concerns were evident on her face.

"Idiot..."The man whispered.

Yolande had made up her mind to find out what was wrong with Austin. The more he hid it from her, the more uneasy she would feel. She went into the kitchen and found that Mona was picking up vegetables.

"Mona, what's wrong with him? Tell me. " She asked.

"Mrs. Lin, Mr. Lin is just physically weak and will recover soon. Don't worry about him." Yolande was stunned that the same words repeated to her. She asked Mona but got no answer, which made her a little depressed. After she went back to her room, she just ignored Austin calling her by the door.

"Yolande, may I come in?"

"No way..."She said fretfully.

Just as he was about to push the door open, he stopped in mid air. She asked Dr. Sun and Mona about Austin's condition one after another, but without the right reply. So she must be unhappy. Austin shook his head and went back to his room.

She picked up her phone and called Austin's parents. The phone was hung up.

She made up her mind to visit Austin's parents. After she got changed, she left the room. She took a taxi near Austin's mother's villa and got off to get some change for the driver. She went to Austin's parents' villa and knocked on the door.

"Miss, who are you looking for?" The butler opened the door.

She asked in surprise, "you don't know me?"

The butler shook his head. She didn't think too much and said directly, "I want to see uncle and aunt in Lin family."

"Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin are not at home." Said the butler.

She walked into the house that she was familiar with, and a servant served her a cup of tea.

"Miss, have some tea please."

"Don't you remember me? I'm Yolande. I came here with Austin last time. " The servant shook his head and claimed that he didn't know her.

Yolande thought she must be dreaming.

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