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   Chapter 26 The Wedding Ceremony Continued

Ardent Love: An Avenging Angel By Xiao Liuzi Characters: 6690

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A sudden incidence appearing on Austin's wedding, all guests lowered their heads and whispered.

The host invited by Austin was a little smug about this big and luxurious wedding. But seeing this deadlock, the host was flurried and prepared to leave quietly. However, he was stopped by Austin's assistant.

"Mr. Lin will give an explanation from everyone. So, please don't leave. The wedding will be held as usual."

The host shook his head. It seemed that he couldn't leave now, so he had to wait and see.

Ten meters away, the reporters were itching to have a try.

"Let us in. Today is Austin's wedding day. I heard that Mrs. Lin is a tough nut to crack. I think Mr. Lin's best choice is not to marry her. Fortunately, the wedding has not officially begun yet. "

The security guards of the company all came out and blocked the way one meter away from the venue. The reporters were getting more and more loud, and there was an uproar outside the venue.

"Mrs. Lin, I heard that reporters come for you? What happened? "

"Yeah, Mrs. Lin, won't you explain it to us?"

"Austin is a famous person in our business field. We can't let him bring shame on himself because of you." All kinds of sounds were quite harsh, making her eardrum buzzing. Such a flustered scene enhanced her originally diffidence. She was quite frustrated.

Maybe...She didn't deserve such a grand wedding, not to mention such a good man like Austin.

The two people who stirred up trouble folded their arms across chest and enjoyed their work.

Yolande stared with her red eyes, and flames were burning in her chest. 'this shameless couple! How dare they sabotage my wedding!' she thought! She looked at them with new eyes.

"Aron, you are more vicious than I expected."

With great interest, Aron looked at the exasperated woman, and couldn't feel more complacent. Sunny put on a pitiful look, snuggling up to the Aron. What a good act skills this woman has.

At a loss, Yolande's hand was covered by a big palm. "Follow me." Said Austin.

Austin held her hand and led her to the center of the hall. He held her slender and soft hand with his large and powerful hand, and fine beads of sweat came out of Yolande's palm.

"Don't be nervous. The wedding will be held as usual." He comforted her in a low voice.

Austin shouted over the loudspeaker, "be quiet and listen to me."

"Today is my wedding. Thank you for attending. I have prepared red packets for everyone. One for each of you. The assistant will send you one by one soon. "

"I don't want to expose the personal affairs to the public. Excuse me, please." Austin said calmly.

He cleared his throat and continued, "The woman beside me is my love. I know better than anyone what kind of woman she is. So the improper rumors about her can only be slandered by someone. Of course, I will also investigate into it. "

The noisy hall suddenly became quiet. The atmosphere got relaxed as everyone was listening to his words. He then asked his assistant to hand the press with thousands of red pockets. Before long, all the media journalists with red envelopes left.

Aron had thought that he could help Sunny vent her anger by posting the scandal of that bitch on the headlines of the next day. To his surprise, he paid more attention to the wedding than Aron expected. His

plan was then quieted down by Austin.

Aron's face was red with anger. His little tricks behind were so calm. He angrily shook his sleeves and pulled Sunny away with a ghastly pale face.

The wedding ceremony continued

The music echoed, and none of the guests left. They raised their glasses to celebrate the good news.

"It is fine now." He comforted her in a low voice.

She was even more difficult to see through the man in front of her because of his calmness in his eyes. It seemed that nothing could stop him.

Before the wedding started, Yolanda met her strange adoptive father. A slightly white haired middle-aged man with a benign face appeared in front of her. He wore an expensive suit which she was familiar with. The suit made of the same material as Aron's was too expensive for ordinary people.

The middle-aged man bowed slightly.

"Hello, Mrs. Lin, I am your adoptive father. Although we haven't met before, I hope we can get along well like father and daughter in the future."

Since he was a very cultivated middle-aged man, Yolande was sure that he must not be underestimated. Generally speaking, a successful middle-aged man could always presented the combination of his age and wisdom in conversation.

Yolande bowed to her adoptive father, whom she had met for the first time.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Yolande Su."

According to the procedure, the daughter's father held her hand and walked through a long red carpet. Then the father handed her daughter's hand to his husband. After the wedding, the husband could finally get the daughter off the wedding. Yolande's hand was handed over to Austin by her adoptive father. The middle-aged man held her hand and walked her down the red carpet step by step. Then he handed her to Austin on the stage.

"Thank you for your hard work," Austin bowed to him.

"We are old acquaintances. Don't be polite to me. Wish you a happy marriage with Mrs. Lin."

The host announced that the wedding ceremony began. Firecrackers were set off, creating deafening sound. The colorful balloons were floating above Yolande's head, and Austin looked at her excited side face. After today, she would be his woman....Although it was a trade, he was satisfied.

"Mr. Lin, would you like to marry this lady as your wife? Whether rich or poor, will you love her and cherish her forever? " The host announced with a solemn look.

Austin looked into her eyes with affection. "I will." Every word was said clearly.

"Miss, would you like to marry Austin? Whether he is poor or rich, you will be together forever, till death do us apart? " Her heart skipped a beat as the host put forward the question. She was unconscious to look at the man in front of her, and replied, "yes, I do."

The thunderous applause resounded in the air. The moment she was put on the ring, she was shocked by how important he had attached to their wedding. Maybe...God is just pitiful for her to give her a grand and luxurious wedding, and the excellent man beside her.

He kissed her when she wasn't looking. All of a sudden, her face became hot. She blushed unexpectedly.

The woman in front of Austin lowered her head slightly. Her long wedding dress was resting on the ground. She looked slightly shy, making people adore her.

He was willing to do anything for her.

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