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   Chapter 25 Her Ex-husband Came To The Wedding

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"What's wrong? You are a little absent-minded today. Are you worried about tomorrow's wedding?" When Austin passed by the living room and was about to pour himself a glass of water, he saw Yolande sitting on the ground, in a daze.

She frowned and sat on the ground. What happened?.

Raising her head slightly, Yolande pursed her red pouted lips and nodded slowly. Austin put the glass down and squatted down. "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. It was indeed painful in the past, but life should go on. You haven't done anything wrong. It's all in vain for others to talk about it."

Hearing his words, she raised her head and looked into his eyes. This time, she did not move away her eyes, but looked boldly into the eyes of the man in front of her. He looked at her with his affectionate eyes. She was flipped and couldn't help but hug him. A sweet feeling surged in his heart and he found her easily.

The wedding in the next day

Sitting in front of the dresser, Yolande specially hired a top dresser to help her makeup. The make-up artist penciled her eyebrows and applied makeup. So the makeup was done meticulously.

"Madam, you are so beautiful. With make-up on, you look like a fairy." She smiled gently. She looked at herself in the mirror, finding her elegant eyebrows, two watery big eyes, and her long face. She was beautiful.

She put on the wedding dress that was carefully chosen by Niles. It fitted her very well, as if it had been tailored for her.

The wedding was held in the most luxurious hall. And Austin had booked the whole place. There was also a five-star hotel. It was the best location in the city, and every inch of the land was expensive. It was unimaginable for anyone to marry in such a luxurious place, except for powerful and capable people.

The wedding march was being held at the venue. Wearing a white wedding dress, Yolande sat on the chair, her hands holding each other uneasily. Today was the second wedding in her life. In her first wedding, she was still young, full of hope for love. If so, instead of longing for love, she thought she had to take a necessary task this time.

He was in a black suit with a gorgeous red rose on his chest. He appeared behind her and gently called, "Yolande." His voice was so light that she was in a trance. She turned back and found him standing beside her.

Austin stretched out his hand and held hers gently. Her hand was cold. He frowned.

"Why are your hands so cold? Have you caught a cold?" He asked with concern.

"No, I'm not. I'm just a little nervous." She said in a low voice.

The man on the other side comforted her with a smile, "don't be afraid. We are the protagonists today." She looked up at him. Their eyes met. The two smiled at each other in sync.


Austin led her to introduce the guests one by one.

"This is Mr. Wang." She remembered that the man, Mr. Wang, had pointed at Sunny and asked Sunny to leave the hotel. She greeted him with a smile.

At first, it was thought as a luxurious and grand wedding, and the bride and groom was noticed by all the guests on the scene. One was the famous Austin, the other was the woman who stood beside Austin. She had a beautiful face, and most importantly, she was the woman Austin loved.

The wedding hadn't started yet,

but the guests were bringing presents one after another.

With a cunning look on his face, Aron then walked into the church arm in arm with Sunny. Sunny said in a weak and sad voice. "Sister, let's wait and see who's the winner,"

Standing in the side of the hall, Yolande saw those two people she was familiar with in crowd.

"They? How dare they attend her wedding? "

Last time, in Yuan hotel, she and Austin worked together to deal with Sunny, and they couldn't feel more excited than when they saw their enemies were scared. Sunny and Aron walked arm in arm towards them.

"Don't stop me. I want to go there. How could she come here?"

Yolande was so anger when she saw Sunny. "We'll wait for them. Today is our wedding. If you go ahead, they will succeed,"

Austin reminded her who had lost her senses and almost lost control of herself.

Last time, when she watched the fight in Aron's villa, she was in the the bright, while Aron hwas in the dark. Yolande had seen Aroon.

This time was an official meeting after the divorce.

One was the newly married couple, and the other was today's marriage. The four people's eyes met, full of hostility.

Austin's broad plam clenched her hand much more. Aron looked at her with disgust, and then Aron raised his lips. "Interesting. How could a vicious woman like you deserve to marry Austin? You were kneeling on the ground and begging me in despair. You are such a bitch. What tricks do you want to play now? " Aron's eyes were full of dislike

Yolande was also not kind, "Well, are you disappointed or something else? Who hurt me before? You had colluded with my sister hiding from me. How could you do that?"

Sunny lowered her head with tears in her eyes.

"Sister, how could Aron forgive you for what you have done. He loves me, and you won't let him go even if you do something like that. Keep bothering him, don't divorce him to fulfill his wish. " Tears streamed down from the corners of Sunny's eyes. Seeing her delicate appearance, Aron felt even more distressed and reached out to wipe her tears. Sunny was very proud of her acting skills. Even she admired herself.

Austin turned his head in disgust. This woman made him sick.

"Yolande, you bitch. I really regret that I have been so kind to women like you in the past. You are a vicious woman who should go to hell! " Aron swore.

"You go to hell, Aron Gu. Don't you think you are shameless?" Austin's voice was as cold as ice. Yolande's body trembled. It was her first time to see Austin so clod.

At this point, there was full of noise. A large number of media rushed to the wedding. Austin's assistant walked to him and whispered. Aron smiled in satisfied. Before coming here, Aron had already asked all the media to come the wedding of Austin, in order to report the secret of Austin's fiancee on the wedding.

"Don't worry. I'll be back in a minute. My assistant will protect you." Austin let go of Yolande's hand and rushed towards the venue. As soon as he arrived, he called the police and ordered them to send out. He stopped the reporters who were heading to the wedding hall. A few minutes later, a large group of SWAT team appeared and blocked the reporters ten meters away from the venue in time.

The media's discussion caused an uproar.

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