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   Chapter 23 Collusion

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In the villa of Gu family

"So, Yolande wasn't killed in that car accident? She is still alive? " In the living room, a well-dressed man sipped a glass of whisky.

This man was very handsome. His sculptural face had inherited the good genes of Gu family.

However, compared to the calmness and generosity of Aron, there was a trace of evil spirit hidden in his eyes.

The young man seemed to be dissolute, but people dared not look down upon him with the sight exuding from his eyes.

"Oh, she is not dead. She is still alive!" The thought of Yolande made Sunny's eyes fill with disgust.

"Oh, really?" The man raised his eyebrows.

"Didn't you say that the car accident you arranged would be perfectly safe?" Sunny said to the man reproachfully.

The man put down the glass in his hand and looked sideways slightly.

It was then that Sunny realized that her tone was a little aggressive. She quickly hid the dissatisfaction on her face.

I don't know when she hooked up with a rich guy of high status. She really pissed me off! "

Sunny immediately changed the topic and pointed at Yolande.

"The rich man you referred to is Austin." The man took back his gaze and forgave her previous offence.

"It is also because of him that Yolande was able to save her life from that car accident,"

His tone was neither loud nor emotionless, but inexplicably depressing.

"Austin? Who is he? " Sunny frowned. She hated neither Yolande nor the person who had helped her.

"He is someone you can't afford to offend."

"Maybe even the Gu family group..." Sunny asked tentatively.

The man frowned slightly and a hint of displeasure flashed through his cold eyes.

"I advise you to restrain yourself and don't provoke Yolande anymore. You have got what you want. You should be satisfied. "

Sunny bit her lips. Yolande was always a hidden trouble to her.

As long as Yolande didn't give up Aron, Yolande would tell him everything someday.

Once he knew it, everything she had taken from Yolande in the past three years would come to naught!

She would never allow this to happen!

"It's too late. She has known the truth." Sunny lowered her head with a cold face.

"What did you say?! How could she know? !" The man's calm face finally began to fluctuate.

"I told her." Sunny didn't hide her intention anymore. She simply called a shodown.

"You? !" The calm volcano finally erupted. The man seemed to change his face, and the fury on his face was obvious.

"Why are you mad at me?" Now that he had told everything to Yolande, Sunny didn't hesitate to take any action.

"Don't forget that we are on the same boat now!" Sunny threatened.

"How much has she known?" She managed to restrain her anger, but the man kept twitching his nose.

"What's the difference?" Sunny asked. "As long as my affair is uncovered, your scheme will be seen through by Aron sooner or later."

"Are you threatening me?" The man narrowed his eyes.

"Maybe other people don't know your past, but I know!"

There was a slight sneer on his lips, and a touch of cruelty appeared on his handsome and evil face.

"Don't forget that it was me who made you to approach my father step by step three years ago. Every time you meet him, it's my arrangement. Every time you check in, and every time you do something illegal, all done in my hotel. "

"Don't forget, Brian! If it weren't for me, everything you planned would have been in vain! " Sunny clenched her teeth,

unwilling to show weakness.

Seeing that Brian's face turned livid and pale, Sunny raised her eyebrows and continued: "in the three years ago, although I was just playing the leading role, you are the real manipulator, aren't you?"

"You provided the whole plan. Even the knockout drops were bought by you from abroad. In the end, you got all the property of Gu family, and I got Aron. After all, we are just partners who take what we need. "

"According to the plan, Yolande was supposed to die in that car accident. But she survived. We should have stopped contacting each other. But it was your mistake, so I found you again. "

Sunny said with a straight face. She had to be on guard against Brian because he was even more scheming than her.

Now he wanted to get rid of her because he didn't want to get himself in trouble. But she was not an idiot.

She would never let everything she had gone through to get nothing!

Now only Brian could help her. If he didn't, all of them would die together!

With his eyebrows knitted tightly, Brian glared at the woman in disgust. "Then what do you want? Make another accident? To make her completely disappear in this world? "

"Do you really think that Austin is a weak man?" After a pause, Brian sneered.

Perhaps others didn't know the background of Austin, but Brian knew.

'If Austin decides to protect someone, he can't do anything with costing all of Gu family.

"Do you have expertise in doing dirty tricks? Why do you ask me? I'm not the one to consider these things. Besides, I can't think of a way to deal with them no matter how hard I try, right? " Sunny folded her arms across her chest, as if what had happened had nothing to do with her.

This woman was so disgusting to Brian. This bitch seemed to have been prepared to fight with me to death.

"Sunny, don't you think that you are so mean and shameless?"

"Mean? Brian, how about youself? In order to get the property of Gu family, you made a careful plan. And make your father and brother turn against each other. And your father committed suicide because of you, didn't he? " Since they had broken up, Sunny put it bluntly.

"Yes, I'm not a clean and pure girl. But you are not the innocent and kind brother in Aron's eyes. The words 'mean and shameless' are more suitable for you! "

The more Brian listened to her, the angrier he became. His original handsome face turned ghastly pale, as if his anger would spurt out from his body in a minor mistake.

It seemed that Sunny was not afraid of him at all. She stood up and said.

Besides, I'm not here to ask for your help. I just come to tell you that we are in the same boat, and it was destined three years ago. If you don't help me, then don't blame me for being ruthless! " After saying that, she slammed the door and left.

"Bang!" Brian smashed the goblet on the table to the ground. The broken glass and whiskey splashed all over the floor.

After Sunny left, he felt that the volcano erupted in his heart!

"Sunny, since you have said it very clear, then don't blame me for being ruthless and merciless!"

With a layer of gloom on his face, the ferocious and ghastly look was terrifying.

"Do you want me to get rid of this woman? Master" A man with a scar on his face walked out from behind the door.

"Oh, that's not funny at all." With an evil and attractive smile appearing on his face, Brian's dark eyes suddenly shrank.

"I want her and Aron live drying up!"

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