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   Chapter 20 Making Breakfast For Him

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The sky was clear and cloudless.

"I asked the driver to send you back? Go back and make some preparation. You have to get up early tomorrow to make breakfast for me. " Austin asked. Seeing her embarrassment, he stepped out for her. It was the first day for her to work, so she was in high spirits. Instead of treating her as an ordinary employee, the employees in the company treated her with respect as their boss' wife.

"I'll wait for you to come back together. I'm good at making breakfast. What do you want to eat for breakfast?" She looked at him and squinted. The sun shone on her smooth forehead. Austin was stunned. Yolande gave him the same feelings when they were in college that his heart was beating faster, and even more attractive than before. And for no reason.

"I like everything you cook." Noticing that he was distracted, Austin said, withdrawing his gaze.

"Oh, then you can't dislike it." She blurted it out and immediately denied it in her mind. He always appreciated, encouraged and gave no comments on her.

After that, Austin sat on the chair and started to work. On his desk, the documents were piled up in several piles. Austin flipped through them one by one. Sometimes, he looked pale, with his good-looking eyebrows knitted. He covered his mouth from time to time, coughing gently. Was this man a workaholic? Why didn't he allow himself to have a holiday since he was in a poor health? However, it was not easy for a person to manage such a big company.

Yolande picked up a cup of cold water and drank half of it. Just then, the assistant of Austin pushed open the door and came in and saw Yolande leaned on the sofa.

"Hello, Mrs. Lin."

She quickly sat upright and smiled at the assistant.

"Mr. Lin, as you requested, Mr. Liu has started to arrange the meeting with our client. The date is set tomorrow evening, at the Yuan Hotel. Is there anything I can do for you, Mr. Lin? "

"Okay, I know. You may leave now. " The assistant bowed to him politely, opened the door and went out.

It reminded her of the scene that the assistant of the president opened the door and walked in courteously. Austin had impressed her even more.

In the evening, Yolande went back to the villa in the top Cayenne of Austin.

"Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin are back. Dinner is ready." Mona placed a plate of delicious tomato omelette on the table. Yolande was hungry and was about to take her seat.

"You need to wash your hands before eating. It's the common sense that little children know." Said Austin.


Out of options, she sprinted into the bathroom, and her slippers tapped on the floor. Austin shook his head resignedly, sat down, picked up the chopsticks, and ate some food. By this time, Yolande had already come back to the dinner table.

In the next morning

Suddenly, a noise of something being cut through

She reached out one hand from the quilt and put it on the alarm clock. The alarm clock went down and her hand took back. One minute later... A woman sprang up from the bed with her hair disheveled and sleepy eyes.

'It seems that something important happens today...What bad luck...I almost forgot such an important thing.'

She crawled out of bed, jumped out of bed, opened the wardrobe and chose a good dress. She took off her pajamas and changed. After freshening up. She held on the treetops and walked down.

"Good morning," Austin greeted, looking at the woman in such a hurry.

"Good morning...Morning! I'll make you breakfast. "

Yolande opened the kitchen door, put on her apron expertly, and started to fry eggs. She was worried th

at the fried eggs would be too oily, so she wanted some light flavored to match the fried eggs. She cooked some millet porridge, peeled some fruits and applied some paste sauce on the bread.

A sumptuous breakfast was served on the table and Austin enjoyed it very much. He had to praise that Yolande was really good at cooking. She sat opposite Austin and looked at him with a smile. In the dim light, the woman smiled at the man in front of her, who was eating the breakfast made by herself. The atmosphere was warm, and the air was flowing a strange feeling.

The relationship between people was always very subtle. Such a breakfast, when two people were looking at each other carefully and the appropriate light would create different feelings.

"Let's eat it together," said Austin, stuffing some fruit into his mouth.

"I am watching you eating." She blurted out without thinking and felt something wrong. Austin turned to look at Austin with interested eyes.

"Did you just say that you want to watch me eating?" He flirted with her.

Yolande was too guilty to admit it. So she had to hide herself with anger.

"If you don't want to eat, I'll take it away. I won't give it to you." She picked up the fruit plate that Austin was going to reach for.

"I...I will eat. " He had to surrender.

Yolande put the plate back on the table while Austin took his breakfast. Seeing him happily eating, Yolande had a sense of accomplishment.

Then, she got up early every morning to get herself dressed as the alarm went off. She went downstairs to make breakfast for him and then looked at him eating up. Making breakfast for him became her main job.

The two got along well with each other during breakfast time every day, which enhanced their love. The man swallowed the breakfast the woman made for him with enjoyment. Breakfast was the happiest moment of Austin's day. Austin and Yolande had a time of only the two of them.

Every morning, Yolande made different breakfasts for Austin. She was careful and considerate. Austin saw all her efforts.

She looked at the angular face of the man opposite with her chin resting on her hand. This man was outstanding in both talent and appearance. She thought that she couldn't compare with. She looked so plain without any talents. Why was such a wonderful man so good to her? She couldn't understand.

In an afternoon

She saw the doctor who came last time again. He was sitting in the living room with the medicine chest, and Mona made him a cup of tea.

"Take your time, Warren."

Warren's eyes fell on Yolande. "This lady? I guess Mrs. Lin. " He turned to look at Mona, but as if he was asking Yolande.

"Warren, this is Mrs. Lin."

Warren nodded at her and followed Austin into his room. After a while, he came out with the medical chest and told Austin.

"Take good care of yourself and remember to take the pills on time. You even don't have a holiday on weekends. It's not good for your life." After saying that, he bowed to them and left.

She wondered why Warren said so serious. Austin just had a cold after he got wet in the rain in the cemetery last time. But it seemed that Austin was unwilling to talk about this topic with her.

Since the date of their wedding was getting closer and closer, Austin wanted to surprise her before the wedding.

"Mr. Wang, our plan goes on as planned. You go ahead to make the plan..."

Austin said he wanted to give Yolande a surprise, and asked her to tidy herself up and go out with him. Althought she was confused about it, But it was a pleasant surprise, so she didn't ask more.

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