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   Chapter 19 Go To Work

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Austin suggested her to work in his company. He wanted to divert her attention from her work to win back her confidence.

"Pack up, I'll take you to work tomorrow."

The first time that Yolande went to see Austin' company, she found the secret of Sunny in his office. It was the second time that she had been to Austin' company.

The next morning, Yolande specially wore a small suit to get herself well dressed. She plopped down the stairs by holding the treetops. On her first day of work, Yolande was looking forward to it. Since she was in a good mood, she could not help quickening her pace. Noticing the step she went downstairs and the delicate make-up, he could tell that she was in high spirits.

After breakfast, Yolande and Austin got in Austin' car and went to his company. Yolande began to work in Austin Group.

"What position is suitable for you?" Said Austin.

"I didn't work in the first three years. Let's start from a humble financial position." Austin agreed to her request and let her start from finance. After all, she still needed a lot of experience in the workplace.

At the Austin group

When they arrived at Austin's company, the assistant opened the door for them. It was the second time that she had been to the building where Austin group was located. She could still feel the enormous scale of his company. She looked impressive when she stood upstairs. It was the top floor. Wearing a suit, Austin's secretary appeared at the door of the elevator.

"Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, this way please."

The Secretary led her to Yolande's seat. When all employers saw her, they all called her Mrs. Lin. Everyone greeted her politely and respectfully. Yolande nodded back to them.

The position of the financial staff was to work with other financial staffs in the company. At the same time, Yolande stepped into her own office. Everyone put down their work as if they had made an appointment.

"Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, nice to meet you." Yolande leaned forward. Austin waved his hand, motioning for them to go on with their work. He showed her to her desk and introduced the work to her briefly.

After Austin and his secretary left. Sitting on the chair that belonged to her, she took a deep breath and breathed out slowly. From now on, she was a financial staff in this huge company. Thinking of this, Yolande felt very proud. Then, she keenly felt that there was a strange atmosphere in the office.

On her left, a bony boy with glasses was typing on the computer.

'It's your first day at work. Remember to get along with your colleagues.' So she decided to say hello to the boy who was wearing a pair of glasses which kept rubbing his nose.

"Well, Hello, it's my first day to work here. Nice to meet you." A smile appeared at her mouth.

An unnatural look came over the face of the boy wearing glasses. "Mrs. Lin, what can I do for you?"

Yolande was stunned. She didn't expect that colleagues were respectful to her. Therefore, she thought it was not good to work. Then, she was ready to open the desktop computer in front of her and started to work. A girl with a ponytail walked up to her and picked up the documents beside her.

"Mrs. Lin, please let us know if w

e can be of any help. We don't want to trouble you with the labor work."

"I...I'm here for work. "

"Mrs. Lin, it's our pleasure." The girl said.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. " The girl walked out of the office with a stack of documents in her arms. She left a back that could be considered by Yolande.

The desk was empty. She looked at the power on screen and glanced at the girl with a pair of 3-inch high heels and sitting on her seat. To her right was a gril with introvert hair that draped over her waist. As Yolande sat down, the girl had been absorbed in her work, disregarding the presence of anyone else.

In the following time, everyone was very busy. They were busy with paper and drawing. All of them were working like an electric fan. There was just her with an empty desk.

Yolande felt that there was a transparent wall between her and others employees. She had been bored the whole morning, playing with her fingers casually.

The morning's expectation for going to work turned into smoke rising from the window.

The man wearing glasses sensed that Yolande was staring at him and looked very nervous. After all, it was embarrassed to be stared by boss's fiancee.

"Mrs. Lin, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Boring! What should I do?"

Yolande decided to end her boring time by playing games. But it would disturb their work. After a while, she browsed the website and kept chatting. It was time to get off work. Sorting out the documents on each desk, Yolande was the first to escape from the office.

"Take care, Mrs. Lin." Standing outside the door, she let out a long sigh of relief.

She hid herself in a place where no one was around and waited for the company staff to go to the canteen for lunch. Yolande walked to Austin's office. Austin was not there.

"Mrs. Lin, nice to meet you. Mr. Lin has talked with the manager and will be back in ten minutes. What would you like to drink, Mrs. Lin? "

"A glass of water, thanks."

"It's my pleasure, Mrs. Lin."

His secretary brought a glass of warm water and put it on the desk. Yolanda sat on the chair and closed her eyes to feel. The secretary left and closed the door. Lying in Austin's position, she closed her eyes and lost in thought.

Austin pushed the door open and saw Yolande in his office.

"How are you working?" He asked.

A gleam of embarrassment flashed across her face, making it difficult for her to answer, so she hemmed and hawed.

"Not... Not bad. " She looked evasively. It seemed that Austin understood something.

A touch of tenderness rose from his heart when he looked at the embarrassed woman in front of him. In his eyes, her every expression and small moves were adorable. He teased.

"I've been busy with my work recently. I need nutrition. I need more nutritious breakfast for me. Why don't you make breakfast for me later on? "

"All right. I'll take care of you until you get fat." Yolande agreed gladly. She had wanted to repay him for his kindness a long time ago. She had been trying to find a way to reward to him, so this was a chance for her to repay him. Recently, he had been pale and in poor health. He needed more nutrition.

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