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   Chapter 18 Depression

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Austin was always busy with her own business. Thus, she always worked in the financial department and play with herself.

One night, when Austin returned home from work, he was changing shoes tiredly at the door. Yolande finally waited Austin going back home after work. She tickled towards him. When he saw her in a pink slip dress, which was transparent, Austin was overjoyed with man's hormones. It was very late at night, she was dressed like this and waiting for him. Did she want to seduce him?

"There are so many beautiful flowersI in the yard. I want to put them in the vase and in my room. Could I cut them randomly "

There were a lot of beautiful flowers in the courtyard. They were of fine varieties, not wild flowers. Instead, Austin asked someone to buy it and planted it in his yard. Then it was summer all year round. He hired gardeners to clean the house, trimmed the branches and leaves. And Mona also watered the flowers and trees from time to time. Yolande liked those flowers very much. She wanted to pick some of them, put them in the vase and put them in her room.

"You...That's why haven't slept yet? " He tried not to laugh.

"You're almost naked,. You just asked this. Nothing else?"

He looked at the direction of her face, and then he smiled meaningfully. Yolande covered her face with her hands.

"You...Don't come over. I will call the police. " She blushed with shame. This man was flirting with her! Didn't she wear enough clothes? Maybe expose a little.

Austin changed into slippers and handed his briefcase to her.

"Take it to my room."


She took Austin' briefcase in her arms and went upstairs. Yolande put his briefcase on the desk in his room and turned on the lamp. The orange light formed a warm color on the wall. He looked pale as he walked in with a glass of water in his hand.

"You don't look good. You should go to sleep now. You can't turn on the computer now but continue to work tomorrow." She forcibly pressed him on the bed and covered him with the quilt.

"Your task now is to sleep well." She said assertively.

"Yes, madam." Austin had to obey obediently.

A sweet feeling rose in his heart, he looked affectionately at her. She was about to leave.

"You are the hostess and my fiancee. You can do whatever you want. You don't have to ask me." Said Austin.

"Oh, go to sleep." Yolande's voice was quite ferocious.

"I am going to sleep now." He said obediently.

She left his room and closed the door lightly.

It was a sunny day. Several clouds occasionally floated above. The wind crossed Yolande's face.

She went to the garden and picked some of her favorite flowers. She picked the flowers one by one and carefully inserted them into a vase. She put the vase beside her nose and smelled it, with the fragrance of the flowers sniffing. She took the vase into her room, put it on the windowsill and poured some water to the flowers. After that, she lay on her bed to kill time. After she finished the work that Austin had given her, she switched on the mode of bored.

She would have plenty of spare time as Mrs. Lin. She had been working in finance and shopping. Now, one more job was to watering the flowers on the window sill in her room. She wanted it to grow up slowly with her good care.

The wedding day was coming. She was in a worse mood than before. She was nervous. Being Austin's wife and m

adam of this family. Could she shoulder this great task? Although she was just the nominal wife of Austin.

On the day of the press conference, Austin announced that she was his fiancee. He announced that her background so she had become the focus of the news. She appeared on TV and headlines.

If the reporters knew that she had been Aron's wife for three years, and that she had been bullied by him for three years. And the reason was that she was a slut who slept with her father-in-law. What would the media think of her? What should they report on her?

Being the Mrs. Lin, Yolande was under a lot of pressure, for she had changed a new identity with her dirty past. Although she had been framed, she had been on the charge for three years. Now, Yolande had to continue to be Austin's wife with the frame.

She didn't know if she was qualified to be his woman. In order to take revenge, Austin found an adopted father for her. Who was her adopted father? And could they go along well? Or don't have to contact. On the wedding day, her adoptive father, who she had never met before, would appear. He would hold her hand and walk on the red carpet. Then he would make her hand over to Austin. What would he think of her? All of this made Yolande nervous and uneasy.

She knew that the adoptive father that Austin had found for her was not a bad person, but she was still on tenterhooks when she met a stranger called adoptive father.

The wedding is coming! Since he had been busy with the preparation of the wedding, he nearly didn't have time to go home.

He had promised her to have a grand and luxurious wedding. The more grand the wedding was, the more nervous Yolande became. She couldn't help but wonder? She was unworthy of such a grand wedding and an excellent man like Austin. Although they are just legally married couples. She still felt that she wasn't good enough for him.

With a gloomy face, Yolande spent the whole afternoon in her room. She stared blankly at the sky outside the window. Sunny's words echoed in her ears

"You don't deserve to be with Aron."

Why didn't she deserve it? All of this including seducing Aron's father had nothing business with her. However, Sunny knew everything clearly and kept saying that she didn't deserve it. Austin was the man who was much better than Aron. She didn't deserve a man like Austin.

For several consecutive days, Yolande had been in a low mood. She often stared blankly. Her melancholy face was about to squeeze out a smooth forehead into wrinkles. Austin was confused when he saw that Yolande was in a bad mood. One day, he finished his work ahead of schedule and hurried back.

Yolande sat in the living room in a daze.

"Why do you come back so early today?"

She looked up at Austin in surprise.

"I finished my work in advance and came back to see you. You have been unhappy these days. Why?" Said Austin.

She bowed her head and said politely.

"The date of our wedding is getting closer and closer. A woman like me doesn't deserve such a good wedding at all. I don't deserve you. although in name only. "

Seeing her in low spirits, he walked up to her and held her in his arms. He held her in his arms.

"You were an excellent student when you were in college. It was not your fault to be framed, but you are not bad now." He said affirmatively. Hearing what he said, she gradually calmed down.

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