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   Chapter 17 Meeting Parent-in-law In Lin Family

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Half a month had passed since the last time she saw the fight between Aron and Sunny in the mountain villa. Now, she was in a good mood. For Yolande, the name of Aron was just a revenge wish to reach. His behiors had been no longer affected by her heart like before, which made her feel painful.

She was satisfied and devoted herself to her new life as Mrs. Lin. Mona spoke highly of her, which made her a little uncomfortable.

"Madam, would you like to have some lotus seed soup?"

Mona said softly as she walked out of the kitchen, wearing an apron. Yolande squatted on the ground and drew a picture. When she heard Mona's question, she was moved. She was only the nominal wife of Austin, but Mona actually treated her as the real hostess of the family. Mona treated her sincerely, not only as a servant to show her kindness and consideration to her young master.

"Mona, actually you know that...You are still so kind to me...Thank you. "

Her heart seemed to be touched by herself words. Yes, she was no longer the young mistress of the Su family. She was driven out of the house, and she was said to be a slut who seduced men. Her father passed away in a car accident, and she lost her home in such a bad situation just like a leaving leaf of a tree lost its root. She had only one adoptive father whom she had not met yet. She was grateful to Austin and Mona who treated her so well.

"How about having the lotus seed soup?"

"Madam, Mr. Lin loves you and he takes care of you. So you are the hostess of this house."

Mona was one of Austin's reliable servants and he trusted her the most, so she said no more. It's better to enjoy the status as Mrs. Lin. She stopped thinking and squatted on the ground to continue drawing.

"The floor is cold."

Mona said and put a steaming lotus seed soup on the tea table.

"Madam, please drink it while it is hot. The lotus seed soup is too bitter, so I put some sugar in it."

After finishing her last stroke, Yolande was satisfied and clapped her hands. Ellie stood up from the floor. Her legs were numb. She sat on the sofa with her legs hanging. Austin told her to draw the geographical drawing of a certain location, building, and telephone railings on the side of the road clearly, saying that he was useful.

Actually, he just wanted to find her something to do to make her more confident. He was clear about the strength of Yolande. Because she had been a housewife in Gu family for three years, many things about her had laid aside.

She was delighted to see her work result. She picked up the sketch that she had painted and carefully folded it. Then she put it aside on the tea table and picked up the steaming lotus seed soup to taste.

Her days as Mrs. Lin were quite relaxed. She applied a facial mask and went to the mall to buy some good-looking clothes. Then she put on them and went to Austin's study.

"Is it beautiful?"

"It's nice. You are tall and straight, and the clothes you wear are very yummy." Said Austin.

He always looked at her with appreciation. He was quite generous with his compliment. Her body was well-developed and well proportioned. His praise didn't come out of nowhere.

But in the Gu family, she was not beautiful at all. One day, she took out a pink suit from the wardrobe, and gestured it over, trying to make Aron pleased. Aron saw it with sarcasm.

"Take it off. Don't you see yourself in the mirror that you are so ugly?"

She could only take off that dress and never wore it again. Austin's appreciation made her more confident about her figure. She also understood that Aron hated her to the bone so much that he couldn't say any good words.

Austin often gave her the financial statistics sheet of his company. She was asked to do financial work at home, and every time she did it ahead of time and then gave her a sense of accomplishment. Austin opened one page after another and nodded. "You finished it ahead of time every

time. It seems that this kind of work is quite easy for you."

She nodded, indicating that what he said was right.

With Austin's help, not only did Yolande improve her personal charm, she also had a great sense of accomplishment at work. Her life was very happy.

This was the first time that Austin came home so early for lunch. Mona cooked a hearty meal. Yolande lowered her head and ate the chicken leg. Austin watched her gobble down food, amused.

"Take your time. There are still so many in the table. We are not going to rob you of them."

With an embarrassed smile, she lowered her head and continued to eat chicken leg. Then, she stopped talking with Austin's words.

"To see my parents in law..."She asked nervously.

"Well, my parents said they haven't seen their future daughter-in-law yet. We are about to get married. It's time for you to meet each other." Said Austin.

She was still nervous to meet Austin's parents. After all, her identitywas very embarrassed. He tried to comfort her.

"Don't be nervous. Just meet them. My parents are good. They will like you. Besides, you are not bad at all. "

They decided their date with next afternoon, and Austin would drive to pick her up to the villa of Austin's parent. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to calm herself down and thought, 'don't be nervous. Since he is a great man, his parents must be good as well.'. She forced herself to calm down.

The next morning, Yolande changed into a simple grey suit, put on a light make-up and wore a ponytail, making her look neat and refined. She looked up and down at her reflection in the mirror and sured that it wouldn't be a problem if she wore it this way. Then she supported the wooden ladder and went down. Austin was waiting for her in the living room.

After taking a seat, he pointed at some care products and said, "give them to my parents later."


They arrived at the villa of Asutin's parent. From a distance, they saw an old couple and housekeepers greeting them. When they arrived at the destination, Austin pulled her out of the car.

"This is Yolande, so pretty."

Austin's mom was well-dressed and had good skin care. She had a kind face. Stepping forward and holding Yolande's hand, she gave her a face-to-face hug, which made Yolande surprised. Austin's father, in a stiff suit, looked capable and experienced. He greeted his future daughter-in-law kindly without strict rules. The recognition of Autsin's parents eased her nerves. The family had a happy lunch together.

To her surprise, Austin's father knew everything about her. He didn't look down upon her. Ther was no mean and critical mother-in-law. Jane held her hand with a sad face.

"Austin said that you had suffered a lot in the past three years. Fortunately, you've gone through all kinds of hardships and divorced Aron. Take it easy and marry Austin. Don't worry. " Said Jane.

Yolande was so touched that she almost burst into tears. The Lin family treated her well from the bottom of their hearts.

"We both know Austin very well. He would definitely treat anyone nicely if he loved." Jane looked at her son and said to Yolande, who was sitting next to her.

She was in a good mood to meet Austin's parent. To her surprise, the Lin family's master and his madam were both nice people. They accepted her as their daughter-in-law. She could marry Austin without hesitation.

She done the work that Austin had given her at home. Since she had begun to work in her steps, she had completed much more efficiently. Since Austin caught a cold last time, his face had become paler and paler with working day and night. Yolande had persuaded him to take care of his health. But he always smiled and said that he was fine. He worked overtime on weekends.

With that, she stayed at home in the financial department. When she was free, she would go to the garden to enjoy the flowers and the moon in the evening.

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