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   Chapter 16 Is Yolande Still Alive

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His assistant handed him an invitation of the wedding of Austin and Yolande.

"Each of us has one invitation card, and so do Juan's acquaintances" Aron was so furious that he tore the invitation into pieces and shouted at assistant and servants.

"Get out of here! If anyone mention that bitch, Yolande, to me now, I'll make you suffer!"

In the mansion of the Gu, the maids and the assistant all went out of the living room with the frightened expression on their faces.

Clap! Clap! Clap

The sound of glasses and teapots smashing kept coming from the living room.

In the villa of the Su family

Sunny was lazily lying in the sofa of the living room of the Su family. Her fair skinned legs were randomly placed at a corner of the tea table. With the remote control in her hand, she was watching TV programs. A scence locked her eyes. Sunny sat up from the sofa with a pale face. "Didn't she die in that car accident? Is Yolande still alive? "

Sunny stared at the screen in surprise, her lips trembling. "Yolande, that car accident..." She saw clearly that Yolande was lying in a pool of blood. Sunny, who was frightened, hurried to tell her mother to come over. "Mother, look. The person standing next to Austin is my sister. She was sobbing. "Didn't my sister die in that car accident? Did we see a ghost? "

Wendy narrowed her eyes and stared at Yolande who was in a light blue dress on TV. Next, Austin introduced Yolande's family background. Yolande lost his parents when she was young. She was an orphan and adopted by her foster father. To take revenge, Austin found an adopted father for her.

Wendy slumped into the sofa and comforted her daughter, "Don't worry. She just looks like your sister. Yolande has been dead. How could she come back? "

A trace of viciousness appeared in Wendy's eyes. She would never allow that woman to live. Obviously, they just looked like each other.

Sunny changed to another platform and felt more at ease with looking at the face of Yolande no longer. Austin introduced the background of the woman beside him and Sunny was a little relieved. Sunny was convinced that the real Yolande had fallen into hell after she had the car accident like her father.

From a long time ago, Sunny had been hating her elder sister, who had always been a thorn in the flesh to Sunny. Only after that well planned car accident, Sunny saw her sister lying in a pool of blood who was seriously injured. Then it was impossible for Sunny to come back alive.

As a result, Sunny and Wendy led a happy life ever since.

Sunny calmed down and smiled wickedly. Yolande died, just like her father. Both property of Su family and Aron were her own.

Austin refused the interview of radios. When the press conference was over, he left the field with Yolande and went back to the backstage. It was the first time she stood on the stage in the past three years and was watched by so many people, which made her somewhat uncomfortable. Austin was smart enough to notice that Yolande was uncomfortable. When the press conference was over, he took her hand and left.

"It doesn't matter. Get used to it gradually. You are my wife. There will be a lot of people watching us. " Said Austin.

Just then, Austin pulled Yolande out of the back door. The driver parked his car not far from where they were going. "Where do you want to go?" Austin asked.

Yolande felt a little tired.

"Let's go ba

ck," She said. The driver turned around and drove back to Austin' villa.

In the villa of Gu family.

Aron was too tired and sat down to have a rest. All the anger in the living room was on the verge of breaking into pieces.

As the master's anger subsided, the maid had to come forward and clean the room. The servant was busy with his work. Aron was sitting on the couch smoking. That woman really took advantage of her at the beginning. If he had known that she was so good at playing tricks, he should have been more ruthless to her.

"That woman is a rubbish. Sooner or later, if Austin finds out this, he will kick her." Aron toke a puff at his cigarette.

"Can you just walk away from me?" He shouted at the servant. The maid put down her work and carefully exited.

Aron was too angry to notice every detail of the press conference. He ignored the details that Austin introduce the background of Yolande When people were angry, they would only believe what they saw. However, Aron believed that Yolande was a scheming and shameless woman.

At this moment, his phone rang. Aron took a look at the screen, and a smile emerged on his angry face. "Honey, I miss you so much...I want a kiss... "

The woman on the other side of the phone was coquettish, and Aron patiently coaxed her, "honey, I miss you too."

Sunny made an enchanting smile and said, "Honey, wait for me. I'll be right there."

"How soon can you come over?" He asked nervously. After all, if Sunny saw the messy living room, she would inevitably ask him many questions, but he didn't want to explain. He didn't want to mention even a single word about that bitch.

"Honey, kiss. I'm so moved that you miss me so much. Honey, you're so nice to me. "You will see me an hour later."

There was still an hour for him to pack up. He had plenty of time.

"See you in an hour, baby." As soon as he hung up the phone, he asked a servant to clean up the living room.

"An hour later, here must be cleaned up." He ordered.

The graceful posture of Sunny made Aron intoxicated. He loved her so much as if she had some witchcraft.

After receiving Sunny's call, Aron calmed down. He stubbed out his cigarette and dropped it in the ashtray, urging the servants to clear up. In the end, the living room was clean. After dismissing the servants, he sat down and waited for Sunny.

When the doorbell rang, a servant came up to open the door. It was Sunny. Wearing a set of tight clothes, she appeared in front of Aron. Sunny threw herself into his arms, put her arms around his neck and acted like a spoiled child.

"Honey, I'm here."

"Yes, I'm waiting for you."

He stretched out his strong arms to hold Sunny's back. They sat down on the sofa together.

After the servant finished cleaning, the messy living room became clean and tidy.

Sunny sat cross legged and asked the servant to make a cup of coffee for her, "put more sugar in it."

The servant brought two cups of coffee to her. After taking a sip, she put the cup on her lips and blew on it.

Aron fixed his eyes on his beloved woman, with infinite love surging from the bottom of his heart. His mouth unconsciously lifted into a smile.

Sunny turned around and asked, "what are you smiling at?"

"I'm smiling at you."

He saw her face full of doubts.

"Yes, you are very cute."

Sunny smiled, too. In Sunny's eyes, the man she loved was always cute and charming.

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