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   Chapter 13 The Contractual Marriage

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They had reached a consensus with marriage. And they decided to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage license that day. After Austin parked his car in front of a building, Yolande got off the car and intended to finda bathroom to fix her makeup.

After cleaning her face and fixing her makeup, she went downstairs to find Austin who was in the car.

Taking advantage of this time, he took out a small pill, poured out a pill, drank it and put it back in his bag. The medicine of Austin's fever was from Warren. In order to support his tired body, he took the pill while Yolande was not here. After fixing her make-up, Yolande went back to the car. Austin started the car and headed for the Civil Affairs Bureau. When they arrived, they got out of the car and walked into the Civil Affairs Bureau, hand in hand.

A fat woman in red looked at a man and a woman, and both of them showed a firm expression when they came to the Civil Affairs Bureau. It seemed that they were coming to divorce.

"Have you made up your mind? You really want to divorce? " The woman asked, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose and staring at the angular face of Austin. "We are here to marry." There was a flash of embarrassment on the woman's face when she realized that she had made a mistake. Then she turned around and shouted to inner room.

After the marriage certificate was done, they would take a wedding photo. In front of the camera, Yolande looked serious, with obstinacy in her eyes. If she escaped before, Yolande had never been so firm now.

Since then, her revenge road began.

After they left the Civil Affairs Bureau, Austin took Yolande to have western food. In fact, he had no appetite at all. It's mainly because of Yolande. She had cried for several hours and consumed a lot of energy. She must be hungry, so she needed to eat some food to recover. On the table, Yolande felt a strong sense of hunger. Her eyes lit up when she saw the steak. She picked up her knives and forks and began to cut the steak. To avoid being noticed by Yolande, he endured the discomfort and ate a few bites of steak.

"Why did you eat so little? Aren't you hungry? " I had some at home, so he lied to Yolande.

"Okay." She buried her head in the plate again.

While Yolande was happily eating, Austin took out a small box and handed it to her. "What?"

"Here you are. Open it."

Yolande opened the box and saw a diamond ring lying in the box. The style of the ring was very good, and it was exactly the type that Yolande liked.

"Is this my wedding ring?"

"You can say that," said Austin.

He had prepared the ring for her before. When she agreed to marry him, he gave it to her. Yolande closed the box and held it in her hand. "Thank you for giving me this ring. I like it very much." She didn't wear it but put it into her bag, concentrating on eating.

After she was full, she took a piece of tissue, wiped off the oil from her mouth. And she got the marriage certificate with the rich man opposite. She didn't think that such a life was bad.

He asked to the waiter to pay. After he paid the bill, he called the driver and asked him to take them home. For the sake of safety, he had no choice but to call the driver. He struggled to keep his body steady so that she wouldn't see he was weak. After a while, the driver came. The driver started the engine. Austin and Yolande sat in the back. She sensed that Austin was tired. "Are you okay?"


'm fine. I just need to go back and have a rest. Then that's ok," replied Austin.

When they came back home in the evening, Austin's fever got severe. He lied on the bed with a pale face. The owner had a fever and the servants were anxious. Noticing that Austin was still in a fever, Mona worriedly moved to and from on the ground. She was going to call Warren, then said, "Master, I'll call Warren." But before she could take a step forward, Austin grabbed her sleeve. "I will be ok with a good sleep. And I don't intend to tell Yolande about my disease yet," said Austin, half conscious and half dazed.

Mona sighed, "Such a bastard. You would do anything for her sake." Mona watched Austin grow up. Since he was a child, he was outstanding and attracted a lot of girls. But he said, "I don't like those girls." Since then, he had always been single. Although his father had urged him to get married, he had every reason to palter with it.

Mona stayed by the side of Austin. After a while, she reached out her hand and touched his forehead. The heat was higher and higher. "What should we do?" Mona was extremely anxious.

Yolande lay on the bed and looked up at the beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling. What happened in the villa at the top of the mountain in the daytime still shocked her a lot. Every time she thought of it, her heart ached. She thought that the tolerating of the pain could get the understanding and trust of her loved one. But she was obviously wrong. From now on, she would fight with all her strength to make the bitchy couple kneel and beg her.

She found a frame to frame teh wedding photo of Austin and her. Then, she put it at the bedside. Turning her face to one side, she saw his handsome face. He had thick eyebrows, thin lips and brown black skin. This man was really very handsome. Her gaze fell on herself face. With a light make-up, she looked just right beautiful, and her stubborn eyes showed stubbornness. Yolande looked at carefully, and said in her mind, "a woman like me deserved to stand by his side?" She was confused and had no answer. She put the photo back on the bedside and intended to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Yolande was awakened by a knock at the door. She got out of bed, sleepy. When she opened the door, she saw Mona standing at the door. "Miss Su, Mr. Lin is having a fever. It's getting worse. Please go check on him."

She rushed into Austin's room without saying anything. She touched his forehead and found it was burning hot.

"Mr. Lin began to have a fever from night, and after the midnight, his fever gets worse and worse. I'm so worried but I don't know what to do, so I have to ask Miss Su for help." Said Mona.

Austin was unconscious because of the fever. She tried to push him away, but failed. She looked at Mona next to her, who was so anxious that every part of her body was in a mess.

"Calm down," Yolande told herself. After all, she had to keep calm before she figured out the solution to the problem.

She didn't know what was going on with his body, so she didn't dare to give him any antipyretic. She could only try the stupidest way to lower his temperature, hoping that it would work.

"Mona, take some towels and a basin of cold water for me."

With a swift motion, Yolande unbuttoned his shirt, and added, "Oh. Bring some more ice cubes." She took off Austin' clothes and wiped his body with cold water. Ice cubes were applied to his forehead and body.

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