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   Chapter 10 Revenge

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The night at her wedding three years ago was the time that she never wanted to recall in her life. The indelible nightmare kept torturing her.

All of these appeared in her mind at this moment.

So far, she could still remember their eyes which seemed to look at disgusting and dirty things. Their dirty curses pricking her heart were still ringing in her ears after three years.

She was a weak woman.

But she lived on in degradation in Gu's family for three years with the notoriety of seducing father-in-law, then was dismissed relentlessly at last.

And the girl who looks sweet and innocent, kind and pure in everyone's eyes. After three years, she took away the man who once belonged to Yolande.

Yolande collected the evidences scattered in front of her and put them back into the black plastic bag.

She had long known that she was framed, and for the past three years, she had been trying to find the murderer hiding in darkness. The mob who killed the happiness of her whole life!

But she failed.

Once, twice, a thousand times, she gradually accepted her own miserable fate.

But when the proof was presented in front of her. She was overwhelmed with endless anger and the desire to revenge.

She couldn't accept it. She really couldn't accept it.

Did she do something wrong? Need to go through this? All she wanted was to spend the rest of her life with her beloved one!

Sorrow, like a torrent of beast from the bottom of the heart, set off huge waves.

She bit her lips tightly, the smell of blood spreading in the tip of her tongue, and even her throat could taste some blood.

She couldn't cry!

Without thinking, Yolande took out her cell phone and called Sunny.

"Hello?" A familiar voice came from the other end of the line. Unfortunately, it was not from Sunny. But it was from Aron Gu.

"Honey, don't be joking. Give me back my phone. Maybe it's about work. "

Suddenly, Yolande trembled and for a moment she was shocked that she couldn't move.

Had they lived together already?

"Hello? Who are you? " Sunny took the phone.

Yolande, who had rehearsed the lines in her heart, choked in the throat at the moment.

Shouldn't she be the one to reprimand this woman? Why couldn't she say a word at this time?

"Aron, don't touch me." The microphone was covered.

"Really annoying!" The moan which sounded both painful and pleasant passed by the lines.

Yolande could not stand it. With a bang, she smashed her cell phone onto the ground. The phone had turned black screen, but the waves of flirtatious and alluring sound continued to spread.

"Bang!" "bang!" "bang!", Yolande stamped on her mobile phone with her high heels. She was out of her mind now.

Finally, the voice over the phone disappeared. But her precious high-heeled shoe was broken because of her overexertion.

"Miss Su... Are you okay?" The Secretary knocked on the door and asked with concern.

"I... I'm fine..." Yolande tried her best to control her trembling tone, so that she could look more decent.

She returned to the chair in her broken high heels. She took out the mirror for refining her make-up with her trembling hands.

In the mirror, her face was covered with tears. Tears blurred her eyes and ruined her delicate make-up.

"Aron, do you think my makeup looks good?

"Yolande, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You are still beautiful even without makeup."

"Humph! I don't believe you!"

"I mean it, I swear!"

"Alright, alright."

The surroundings were dreadfully quiet. She ga

sped for breath being embarrassed. She had not prepared herself, but a deep and pleasant voice of a man suddenly came from the office.

"I bought it for you. How can you abuse it like this?" Austin bent down to pick up her phone.

His body trembled slightly as he could not stand still with a fever. After that car accident, he couldn't find Yolande's phone, so he gave her the new one.

"You Why are you here? "

Yolande raised her head and looked flurried. She didn't want to show up in front of him in such an embarrassing way. She was remorseful that she didn't hear the sound of door opening.

"If I don't come. I'm just afraid that after you smashed your phone, you will turn my office upside down." He smiled.

"You actually knew it, didn't you?" Said Yolande coldly. It seemed as if there was an ice wall between them.

Austin didn't reply. Taking a piece of tissue, he wiped the cell phone carefully.

"Stop it. I don't want it anymore." Yolande looked at her phone in disgust.

"Why not?" Upon hearing this, Austin paused for a moment. She sneered as she glanced at her badly damaged phone.

"It's too broken. What can I do with it?"

"But in your heart, it's still the same." Austin wasn't annoyed by Yolande's tone. His eyes were still gentle, and his tone was as calm and innocent as ever.

"You still can't let go of Aron or your hatred."

Then, Austin thought for a moment and put the phone in his pocket. Since she didn't want it, he would keep it himself.

"Austin, it's none of your business whether I put it down or not!" She couldn't restrain her anger.

Austin was dumbfounded, and the air between them became heavy.

"Don't you want to know the truth?" He said after a long time.

"So what?" Yolande chuckled.

"Don't you want to take revenge?"

"Although these evidences can't make you go back to the past, at least they can ruin your sister's reputation, right?"

Austin stood still and said clearly, "you can use me to take revenge on them. I can satisfy all your needs, including Aron. "

His eyes gave out a very tempting hint, which confused her, but she didn't know why his expression was full of sadness.

"Why... Why did you help me?"

"Of course, I'm not doing it for free. During the time I help you, you should be my wife. You see, I'm not young any more and families urged me to find one. I don't want to find the woman with ulterior motive, so... I have to bother you. "

"It is a mutually beneficial one, isn't it?" He tried to tempt her again.


"But why did you do that?" She looked at the man in front of her, puzzled.

She couldn't understand him, because she knew that such an excellent man could never find a divorced woman as his wife who had a very bad reputation. But he doesn't look like a bad guy, she really can't figure it out.

"You don't have to reply to me in time. You can consider it for a while." Austin walked to the desk and picked up the files.

"If you want to know more truth, I can take you there this afternoon. Look, how happy your sister is now. Don't you want to sweep her from her high status to the abyss you once lived in? "

He turned and walked out of the office and said to her last words.

"You can follow me and check on it in person."

Yolande bit her lips. At that time, something forced her to follow him.

Yes, she wanted to revenge. She wanted to give all the harm she had suffered to them. She wanted them to know that she was not a clown for being bullied.

And most importantly, she must make Aron regret it.

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