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   Chapter 9 The Truth Of The Car Accident

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What could she do? Of course, she could only accept it. After all, Austin got a fever because of her. So to some extent, she should help him out.

Yolande toke the car of Austin, the top class Cayenne. And now, they arrived at the building of Austin Group in the downtown.

To her surprise, Austin could buy a whole commercial office building and make it his office space. And it was in a luxury location. So Austin has the incredible wealth.

Yolande was taken upstairs by the driver by the sightseeing elevator. Soon, they arrived at the top floor.

When they got out of the elevator, Austin's secretary came to pick them up.

Wearing a black business suit, the secretary looked so elegant and professional. "Miss Su, this way please."

"Mr. Lin has given me the order. I have arranged some files for you and put them on the table."

"Thank you." Yolande smiled back. This girl was young but knew how to do things well.

"You're welcome. Call me if you need." The Secretary said as she opened the CEO's office door for Yolande.

After entering the office, Yolande looked around and found that the decoration wasn't particularly Splendid but chic. On the wall hang some landscape paintings, and several pots of potted plants were laid on table.

Sitting on the chair, she straightened up and cleared her throat, trying to be as aloof as a CEO.

"You, give me a systematic report tomorrow. If you still can't do well in the job, don't come to work tomorrow."

"And you, have you finished the business plan? If not, you have to work overtime to make it done! "

Yolande pointed at the air in front of her and murmured the domineering lines of the TV series.

She was so naive to think that no camera would be placed in the CEO's office. However, when saw this scene from the other side of the phone, Austin laughed so hard that his stomach was painful.

After playing enough, Yolande sighed slightly. If she hadn't married to Aron after graduation to be three-year housewife. With her own outstanding ability, she must have obtained a lot in the business field.

Sometimes, fate was so bizarre.

Yolande shook her head, trying to get rid of those gray memories. At this time, she accidentally saw something like a black plastic bag under the desk, exposing outside. In the high-end and grand office, it seemed very abrupt.

Driven by curiosity, she bent over and took it out from under the table. It was truly a plastic bag, but not trash, but with some photos and some files.

'It's strange. Why those things are in Austin' office? And under the table?

She opened the bag and took out the photos. The next second, she was completely in a trance.

One of the two people in the photo was her sister Sunny, and the other was her dead father-in-law, Albert.

The location was SH Hotel and the two people in the photos were quite intimate. Albert not only hugged Sunny but also kissed her! She couldn't imagine what happened.

Suddenly! A flash of lightning flashed across Yolande's mind! She thought something.

Her intuition was telling her that the big farce at her wedding three years ago, destroying her marriage and her happiness. It must be related with her sister!

Did she take charge of everything?

Her tears fell down from her cheeks in silence. Her eyes were full of shock and resentment, and the grief was squeezed out of her heart by these two strong emotions.

On the wedding three years ago, Aron Gu, who loved her so much, hated her to the core overnight and called her a slut.

Her father who loved her to the bone, would never recognize her as a daughter since then.

So, all this...

Yolande involuntarily folded her fingers and kept them tightly in her chest until her knuckles turned white. The photo in his hand was crumpled into a ball, and the person in the photo was distorted as if they were a monster who had grown abno


Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she tried to restrain herself from being breakdown.

'calm down, calm down, calm down. She kept telling herself. But it still took her more than ten minutes to calm down. She opened her eyes again and threw the disgusting picture on the table. Then she took out the evidences from the plastic bag with her trembling hands.

Every word on the testimonial revealed the scheme three years ago. The document proved that Sunny had seduced Albert Gu, the father of Aron.

It not only recorded the check-in record, but also recorded the content of their short messages. It's hard to overstate these photos because of their large scale.

"Yolande, look at yourself in the mirror. You don't deserve Aron at all! How can you marry him? !"

What's more, you are a slut who can even sell your purity! "

A few months ago, this woman raised her head arrogantly and acted like a holy maiden. It never occurred to Yolande that that the seemingly pure and noble sister was so disgusting in private.

Thinking back to the wedding three years ago, Yolande finally understood why her sister was so warmhearted to hand over water to her that day. Sunny just wanted Yolande to drink the water mixed with drugs, and then took off all her clothes and threw her on the bed of Albert.

'well, what a desperate plan!

Yolande felt that all her cognition had been overturned. In order to set her up, her sister was even willing to sell herself body. And spent several nights with a man in seventies or eighties.

Of course, Aron's father was neither a good man. He just was a hypocrite! He clearly knew that Sunny was the young sister of his son's girlfriend, but he still couldn't stand the temptation of beauty.

However, the evidence in the plastic bag could only prove that Sunny and Albert were inillicit sexual relations. But except Yolande knew that she was drugged with potion by Sunny in the evening of her wedding with Aron. No one believed her, including Aron.

It was because her good sister, Sunny, to ruin her reputation. She faked the text messages, the room check-in records, and all so-called evidence.

Even on that day, she pretended to be the good sister who had hidden a secret for the sake of sister's reputation and constantly pleaded for Yolande. What's worse, even Aron's father insisted that I seduce him first.

It was so ridiculous.

It was much more ironic than the scene in the movie.

In her best years, in the wedding which was the most expected and happiest one in her life. Yolande was pointed at and cursed by everyone. She was only twenty-five years old that year.

She had just graduated from the University, then got married. On the best time she had thought she had met the darkest torture in her life.

She could only remember that when she woke up from coma, the whole world had changed.

"You shameless bitch! How dare you seduce my husband! He is 30 years older than you. You are so free! You bitch! "

"I didn't... I didn't do that!" She was at a loss.

"I didn't expect you to be such a woman and do such a disloyal thing for my family's property! You don't deserve my brother at all! "

"No, it's not like that!" She sobbed helplessly.

"Yolande, from now on, you are not in my heart anymore! We'll divorce tomorrow morning! "

"Aron, you trust me! I haven't done anything sorry to you! Please, don't leave me! " She lay on the ground and held Aron's leg tightly, unwilling to let him go.

"Stop disgusting me! You bitch! We must get adivorce! "

"No I don't want a divorce! Please Aron. " She abandoned all things, and even her dignity.

"Okay, you won't get divorced, right? From now on, as long as you stay in Gu family, I'll make you pay double for what you have done to me! "

She had a splitting headache when she recalled the past everything that happened to her.

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