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   Chapter 8 How Could He Be With A Man

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On their way back, Yolande was asleep, lying on her side in the back seat and sleeping deeply. When they arrived at the destination, Austin called her softly, but failed to wake her up.

He knew she was too tired. After all, she had been exhausted physically and mentally in the past three years.

Seeing that her hair was in a mess, Austin came forward and smooth her hair. In the light, her sad and beautiful profile made him want to kiss her. Austin couldn't help but lean over and drew closer to Yolande. Just as he was about to kiss her, he heard "Aron" from her mouth.

He furrowed his eyebrows and gave a mocking smile. He withdrew his head. He didn't want to be a scoundrel. Since she still loved Aron, he would not cross that line.

In the morning of the next day, after she woke up, she only felt a pang in her head and that her temples were so sore that she wanted to go through them with an electric drill. Anyone who had cried would know that this was the consequence of excessive sadness and cry.

Besides, she would feel extremely hungry and had a strong desire to eat. There was always a set of self preservation procedures in human subconsciousness, as if it would arouse a strong desire to survive in the face of death.

The sadness of sorrow, however, took away all her body. Now all Yolande wanted was to fill her body with food, or anything else. She pushed the door open with all her strength. Dragging a corpse-like body and holding the handrail of the staircase, she walked downstairs step by step.

The living room was extraordinary quiet. There were several cages of fresh steamed buns on the table.

Recently, Yolande was used to western style breakfast. Now she felt a little unaccustomed like a spoiled child. Touching her empty stomach, Yolande intuitively grabbed a steamed bun and stuffed it into her mouth.

At this time, the door of Austin's bedroom was opened and a well-dressed man walked out.

Originally, Yolande focused on eating the bun and did not pay special attention to it. But when she found it wasn't Austin, she was stunned.

She almost choked on the bun in her throat. She had lived in Austin's house for a long time, so she was getting used to the habit of Austin. He never allowed any servant to enter his bedroom.

And the servant told her that he never brought any woman home. His life filled with work only. Yolande didn't understand that as a successful man like Austin, how could he have no desire for women.

So when she saw a strange man coming out of his bedroom, her brain was buzzing as if she understood something. Or is it possible that he likes men... "

Noticing the unusual look on Yolande's face, the stranger looked at her. When their eyes met, he slightly raised his eyebrows.

Is this a provocation?

She was confused and turned her head, pretending to be absorbed in eating the steamed buns.

"Warren, you forgot to take your suitcase." Mona trotted to catch up with him.

Case... It seems that they are really enjoying themselves. And there is still a prop...

Yolande took a deep breath and pretended to be calm.

"Thank you." The strange man took the box.

"By the way, please warn Mr. Lin to take the medicine everyday. The antipyretic can only be taken at night due to he gets a fever, or it will have a problem to affect each other."

The drug? have a fever?

She shot a sideways glance at the box in the hand of a strange man. It was a medical box! It seemed that she had thought too much. He was not a gay. The previous doubts in her mind were finally relieved.

incorrect! have a fever?!

When she was relieved, a thunder suddenly exploded in her head.

'Austin gets a fever?!

It must because he had been caught in the rain for the most of the da

y in the cemetery!

Without hesitation, she dashed towards Austin's bedroom. And meanwhile, her slippers hit the wooden steps of the staircase in a very fast and rhythmic way. The doctor who was about to leave and smiling Mona turned to look in the direction where the sound came from.

"Is this Austin's girlfriend?"

"Hmm... You can think of that."

"Interesting!" He said with a sly smile.

In bedroom

"Austin, lie down!"

An order made Austin who was about to take a glass of water on the bedside table shiver. His hand froze in the air when he was trying to take up the glass of water. He turned his head and looked at Yolande, confused.

With her hands on her hips, she panted heavily as she ran too fast.

"You, you, you just lie down on the bed." Yolande breathed heavily and tucked Austin in bed.

"I just... Want to drink water." Austin pulled back the quilt and said in a low voice.

Sometimes, the relationship between a woman and a man was so subtle that it was hard for experts to figure out. It was more like a competitive battle between two.

Now, Austin realized that he had turned into a completely different person from that girl. He used to be cool and mighty, but now he was a scared kid.

"No way!" Yolande refused peremptorily. She looked like an ancient monarch.

"Don't move. I'll get it for you." Finally, her voice softened a little.

"Open your mouth." It was softer than before.

She held his head gently and handed him a glass of water.

Come on, he was not a new-born baby!

He felt that Yolande had been too exaggerated. "I just have a fever. It's not so serious.".

"Then... Will you drink it or not? If you don't drink it, I will put it back. " Although being a bit overreacted, she was too shy to admit it.

"Yes." It was clear and neat with one word. After saying that, Austin took the glass in Yolande's hand with his mouth.

This fellow was so... Yolande quickly tilted the cup towards him.

"Mona, could you please bring my briefcase to me?" After he finished drinking, he called out to the door.

"Why do you need your briefcase?" While putting back the cup, she squinted at Austin.

"It's almost the end of the year. There are a lot of things to deal with in the company and many documents need to be reviewed." Austin sat up, resting his hands on the bed.

Then Mona brought the briefcase to him, but it was grabbed by Yolande.

"I know you are busy with your work, but since you are ill now, you should take more rest."

"Yes, Mr. Lin. You can deal with them after the fever is gone."

These two women.

Austin sighed. He lay down again and looked at Yolande, deeply lost in thought.

"What... What are you thinking?" Any woman would blush at the gaze of a handsome man, and Yolande was no exception.

"How about you help me with these things. It's not something important anyway. "

"What? Me? " Yolande's eyes were wide open. She didn't expect that he would suddenly utter such words.

"Well, I believe in your ability."

"Apart from all these, the rest is in the company."

"The driver will take you to the company. The top floor of the office building getting out of the elevator and turn left, that's my office."

"I will inform my secretary in advance that she will open the door of my office when you arrive at the top floor."

"There are still some work on the table. Could you please help me with them?"

"If you have anything unclear, you can call me, or if you don't mind, you can make a video call."

Every word he said was seamless, like a gun. It seemed like it was the lines of the movie, while the actress Austin had learned them thoroughly.

"Any other questions?" He put on a professional smile.

Yolande found herself in a dilemma.

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