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   Chapter 7 The News Of Father's Death

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On the next morning, Yolande did not sleep in abnormally and got up very early. She didn't have any sleep, but she was still concentrated.

"Good morning." When she was about to ascend the first step, Austin noticed her.

"Good morning." Yolande replied in a hurry.

She got up early because she wanted to know what he had hidden from her. But she didn't know that Austin also stayed up all night for this matter.

"That's all what you want to know." Austin pointed to the report which was put at the corner of the table.

A shadow of uncertainty passed over her face. With a moment's reflection, she reached out to pick up the report.

"A death certificate of the No. 1 people's Hospital in D City..."

"Decedent: Harvey Su, death: unexpected heart attack."

"What? !" Yolande's hands trembled violently as if she had an electric shock, and the report slipped down from her hands.

"It's not true! It's not real!" She repeated the words for several times, her eyes out of focus and pulling Austin' sleeve. The eyes were in a panic and disbelief.

"Yolande, calm down." Austin didn't know how to comfort her. Holding her hands, he tried to calm her down.

"Austin Lin! You told me! It's not true, is it? " Yolande was struggling hard to push him away. Somehow, Austin almost fell down to the ground.

Without asking for her permission, he held her tightly in his arms.

"It's not true, is it! Say something! Austin! " Tears streamed down her cheeks. Unable to defend Austin, she could only hit his large shoulder with her fist.

Her loving father passed away like this.

As a daughter, until the end, she did not get her father's forgiveness, even the final time.

She felt so desperate that she couldn't breathe. She kept sobbing, and Austin could even feel her sorrow.

She didn't know how long it had passed. Her tears gradually stopped and her sobs became broken. Austin looked at the crying Yolande, and his heart ached.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Austin didn't answer her questions. He just let her scold him, as long as she could calm down.

"Miss Su, don't blame Master Lin. You just woke up from a coma on the day of your father's death. "

"So, you can keep lying to me? Will you keep me in the hidden forever if I always stay at home? " Yolande glared at him with hatred.

"Am I such a person in your eyes?" Finally, Austin couldn't help asking.

"Miss Su, you can't say that about Master Lin!" Mona raised her voice.

"Mr. Lin is afraid that it will be a big blow to you. You were still in recovery at that time. The doctor said that you couldn't take too much mental stimulation. That's why he... "

Austin raised his hand to stop Mona's defending. He knew clearly that it was useless to say more at this time.

"Whether you blame me or hate me, I don't care at all... If you want to visit the cemetery, I can take you there." Austin lowered his head and felt upset as she blamed him.

"Why don't you tell me that you know he is my father...I can't even see him for the last time! Waah... "With her hoarse voice, she ran past him and rushed out of the door.

"Mona, please tell my secretary that I won't go to the company today." Noticing that she was in a trance and hadn't recovered from the great shock, he quickly followed her.

Outside the door, Yolande didn't know where to go. She even didn't know which cemetery her father's cremains were buried

, or which cemetery it was. She felt herself useless.

She lost her love, and she also lost her family.

What a failure as a wife! What an unfilial daughter. The more she thought about it, the more she felt sad and desperate. She crouched down, hugged her knees and curled up on the ground.

Her voice was hoarse, and her crying sound was terrible. Her eyes were swollen, and her face without makeup was ugly.

She had nothing.

Austin squatted down too. All he could do at the moment was to stay with her quietly. No matter how much wealth he had, he couldn't bring her father back to life.

Besides, his own life was also...

There was no one around, and Austin listened quietly when she cried. She had no idea how long she could cry. She had already experienced it. Sitting on the cold concrete floor, the floor, which was wet because of the morning mist, became hot soon covered by him.

After a long time, Yolande finally stopped crying and her hoarse voice was gradually gathered in her throat. Finally, all disappeared. Only the sound of breath could be heard.

"Are you feeling better?" He moved closer to Yolande and asked in a low voice.

There was no answer, but only the sound of breath. Then, he cautiously touched her shoulder with his finger.

"Don't touch me."

He was somewhat taken aback by her quietness.

"Are... Are you all right?" He took his finger back with hesitation. He had never been calm in front of this woman.

"If you don't get up, I will kiss you." He pretended to kiss her.

She then said: "pull me up."

Her face flushed slightly due to crying, and she turned her head a little awkwardly. Her posture remained the same, but she looked very stiff.

Only then did Austin realize that her feet were numb. She could lose her balance in an instant if she moved. She looked so adorable when she was in need of help but she refused to admit that her legs were numb.

He held her arms firmly and lifted her up with great strength. Her well proportioned body had an hourglass figure, and Austin thought her weight was much lighter than expected.

"Can you stand up?" But Austin didn't dare to let go. He was afraid that once he let go, she would fall to the ground.

"Take me to the cemetery." The trembling Yolande bit her lips, acting like a spoiled child.


He knew what she needed most and what he could do for her. He drove to the cemetery in the suburbs.

After hearing the news of the death of Yolande's father, Austin figured out everything. The cause of her father's death, the testament of her father, and the place where her father was buried. He even came here alone and left a white chrysanthemum before.

Yolande came to the tombstone and knelt down in front of it. The sound of knee hitting the ground made Austin heart painful.

She knelt down in silence, as if all the words were in her extremely pitiful eyes.

It started to drizzle. He took off his coat and covered it above Yolande's head. He had no magic power to pull her out of sadness at once. But he could help her keep out the rain, in case that she might catch a cold after the autumn.

The rain stopped. The grave sweeping was going on in circles.

They acted as if they knew each other and ignore the surroundings. But she knelt there for half a day. Austine couldn't remember the exact time. He only knew that when he helped her up, the moon hung above the sky.

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