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   Chapter 5 Peeking At His Diary

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Austin had too much work to do in the company and was busy by himself, so he got home lat. As soon as he entered the hallway and took off his suit, Austin thought of Yolande.

"Mona, where is Yolande?".

Mona replied, "Miss Su was in the room the whole time. I saw the light was off. I guess she are asleep."

"En." He took off his tie and walked to his room. The image of Yolande sleeping soundly came to his mind, and a warm feeling spread in his heart.

"Mr. Lin, don't forget to take the medicine." Afraid that Austin would forget, Mona reminded him deliberately.

"Okay, Mona. Good night." Austin swang his hands. He stopped in front of Yolande's door, standing there quietly for a few minutes, and then left.

The next day, Yolande got up very late. She hadn't slept in for a long time.

In the past three years, she often set an alarm clock to force herself to wake up when the day was still dawn, and to make breakfast for Aron even if he never ate it.

After she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she opened the door and found that there was a fancy breakfast on the table of the living room.

"Miss Su, you are awake." Mona pulled out a chair for her. After expressing her thanks to her, she sat down and began to enjoy the delicious food on the table.

"Mona, you cooked so delicious!" Yolande praised while eating.

"Miss Su, you misunderstood. All these were done by Mr. Lin."

what? There still was half piece of cake in her mouth, but she slowed down in chewing. Could he make breakfast as a master?

"You're so lucky, Miss Su. Mr. Lin has personally cooked these dishes. This is the first time that I've seen him cook for someone." Mona looked at her with soft eyes.

'Strawberry pudding, chocolate puff, orange cheese cake... Did Austin cook these girls' favorite foods himself?' she wondered?

"Mona, where is Austin?"

"Mr. Lin is very busy. After finishing these dishes, he went to the company."

"Oh..." for some reason, Yolande felt a little upset. After breakfast, she wiped her mouth with the napkin on the table. Thinking that when he came back, she should thank him.

She felt a little embarrassed. She didn't expect that underneath his taciturn appearance there was such a delicate and warm heart.

In order to see him earlier, she went to the study and picked up books on the bookshelf with various books to kill time. All of them were boring books, like management, company finance and assets rebuilding. She had only turned two pages when her eyelids began to droop. Yolande sighed helplessly and closed the book.

She admired how Austin nibbled through all these books and wrote dense notes in the blank space. When she put back the books on the bookshelf, a black leather notebook fell down from it.

However, it didn't matter much to her. She picked it up and leafed through it. To her surprise, it was Austin's diary. She hurriedly closed it and planned to put it back. However, she withdrew her hand halfway. After thinking for a long time, she was defeated by curiosity.

'It would not be found out if it is put back intactly?'

She hadn't known him before, but now she wanted to know more about him.

Then she opened it again, and there was a handsome note in title page.

"I fell in love with a rose, but it was held in the hand of someone else."

Watching his melancholy words, Yolande could not help fondling them with her hands, and then burst into laughter.

She didn't expect that Austin, who always kept others away from him, had such a rich inner world. Was this the sophistication in the legend? She wondered which girl he had a crush on.

Just as she was about to continue reading, a big hand suddenly appe

ared and took away the diary in her hand.

"It's illegal to peep into other people's privacy, Miss Su."

Yolande was interrupted just now when she saw the most important part of the show. She was shocked and turned around to find the diary owner standing in front of her.

"You... Aren't you in the company?" She stammered as if the naughty kid had been caught by the grown-ups.

"Are you dying to hope me in the company now?" Austin stared at her blankly. But there was no anger on his handsome face.

"It... It just... Fell down... I just pick it up... I don't know it's a diary..." the voice was getting lower and lower, and her face was as red as a tomato. It was obvious that she was lying.

"Really? Then why are you looking down? " Austin moved close to Yolande, and then the scent of man with some of the heat overwhelmed her.

"You are lying... Do you believe that I can kiss you?"

"You... You!" Yolande bit her lips, blushed and panicked.

'Why was he move so close to me? Is it really...'

Seeing her in panic, the man burst into laughter. Pleasant sounds resounded through the room. Austin reached out his hand and rubbed her hair. Then he locked the diary into the closet. He turned around and looked at Yolande, who was acting like a little girl, with a playful smile on his face.

"If you feel bored at home, you can help me to analyze the company's internal financial statements. I remember you majored in financial analysis in the University."

"I don't think it's a good idea." Yolande said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Why? It's been three years since you became Mrs. Gu. Have you lost your major? " Austin raised his eyebrows and said provocatively and with the mood that nobody could understand.

"No, it's not. The financial situation inside the company is confidential, but I am an outsider..."

"You are not an outsider." Austin took out a pile of papers from his briefcase and threw to her to breaking her words.

"These are the data of our company's operation over the past three years. Although there are a lot of data, I believe that it is easy for you who won a first-class scholarship in the management department."

After saying that, he turned around and left, leaving a slender back to Yolande.

Austin was thoughtful and attentive, which made girls envy him. At the same time, he seemed to keep a briefcase habit, and even his behavior was the same, never sloppily.

Looking at the hundreds of pages printed with dense data, Yolande sighed slightly. It was impossible for her to have an outstanding medical knowledge after three years? Fortunately, there were several professional books for reference on the bookshelf

Deep in the night, Austin walked into the study when he saw that the light was still on in the study. He couldn't help laughing when he saw that Yolande was sound asleep at the desk.

Maybe even she didn't know that Yolande would drool when she fell asleep?

Apart from the printed paper which was covered with data, there were also a few financial analysis books on the table. Austin was slightly stunned. She was as serious as before and always so meticulous.

"Silly girl." He covered the blanket on her body.

In fact, the finance director had already finished the job of financial analysis in the company. He asked her to do this because he didn't want her to feel that she was in debt to him. Moreover, he wanted to help her get out of the shadow of the past and prove that she was not an abandoned woman who could do nothing.

He knew her very well. Even if he was willing to let her live in vain without asking for return. She would not completely accept it.

She was too sentimental.

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