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   Chapter 4 Master Lin's Home

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In the spacious room, the man sat on the sofa and flipped through the documents in his hands. The man in black standing next to him answered respectfully, "Mr. Lin, we have found out that the car accident of Miss Su is not a coincidence. There is someone else behind it..."

"Sure enough." Austin Lin slightly narrowed his slender eyes, which looked extremely dark. He had predicted that someone wanted to kill her. As for who had do that...

"Have you found out the person behind the plot?" Austin asked.

"Yeah, the driver has told us all about that. The man is..."

The man in black whispered in his ear. When he heard the name of the murderer, Austin was shocked. "It is him?"

Silence fell in the air. He clenched his fist and pounded the table hard.

It was more than half a month from the day of the accident when Yolande woke up. The bones in her body were smashed, and there was still a slight pain on one side of her abdomen. Yolande heard that a man was calling her.

"You finally wake up?"

She didn't get used to the bright light and squinted half. She tried several times to see clearly who the man was. "Austin?"

Austin don't expect that she still remembered him, so he smiled. "Well, Yolande, Why you've become a sleeping beauty with long time no see? I was thinking that if you didn't wake up, I would kiss you."

"Where am I "Ouch..." as soon as Yolande sat up, she felt the pain from the wound in her waist. Austin hurriedly came up and pressed her back to the bed.

"Don't move. Your body has not yet adapted to the transplanted organ."

Yolande was shocked. "What did you say? !"

Yolande raised the shirt all of a sudden and looked down. Really... Although the sutures had been removed, there was still a trace left on her waist after the surgery.

"On that day, you suffered a car accident and your kidney had been damaged. For your safety, the hospital decided to remove the damaged kidney. But considering your future life, I bought the most suitable kidney for you through connections, then you was performed the organ transplant surgery. "

After his explanation, Yolande was still immersed in what said just now in a low mood. It was not until quite a while later that she began to accept the truth.

She looked at the man in front of her, and did not understand why he was always good to her. They were just ordinary friends.

"Have you been taking care of me these days?"

Austin stood up slowly. Then he responded with a smile, "Yes, I saved you out of the hell by toiling for half a month. So your life belongs to me."

The man said with a weird smile, and then gave a flirtatious smile to her. In a daze, Yolande looked up at the white ceiling above her and lost in her thoughts. This man had molested her since she woke up. However, he didn't look like a bad guy, so she was not on her guard.

So from today on, with the help of Austin, Yolande gradually regained her ability of action. As the doctor said, a moderate amount of rehabilitation exercise was needed for her every day. In fact, she was not active in doing these dull and funny rehabilitation exercises. But Austin was like an invigilator in test, if only she didn't do exercise or was lazy on the job, he would showed up behind her spookily with a gloomy face.

So Yolande was only to surrender and exercised obediently. This reminded her of the time when she was young doing the broadcast exercise in the school.

"Miss Su, you have recovered and you can leave the hospital now." When the attending doctor told her the news with a smile, Yolande was somewhat unhappy.

During her stay in the hospital, she was taken care of everywhere. It seemed that she regained the warmth of the heart that she had lost for a long time. She even felt that it would be nice if she could stay in the hospital as a patient all the time.

Besides, where could she go after she got out of the hospital?

"Yolande." When she lowered her head sadly, Austin stood at the door of the ward and waved at her. "Let's go. I'll pick you up."

Before she could respond, Yolande was held by the man and pulled out of the ward. Passing the long corridor, she brushed past the patients who were in a hu

rry and doctors in white coats, arriving at a top-grade Cayenne in the underground garage.

The driver opened the back door with a smile and Austin gently pulled her into the car. Yolande received all these actions passively and her mind was totally blank. She only knew that his hands were firm and warm.

The car sped along the wide road and finally stopped in front of a private villa.

It was drizzling outside. The driver got out of the car at once, opened an umbrella and opened the door for Austin. Seeing that Yolande was wearing thinly, Austin took off his suit jacket and put it on her without hesitation.

"You have just recovered. Can't catch a cold." With that, he took the umbrella from the driver, held Yolande's hand, and helped her get off the car. They walked into the mansion together.

The servants in the house knew clearly that the woman beside Austin was of high status, even without explanation. At least in Austin's eyes, she was.

"Mona, Yolande has just been discharged from the hospital and is not in the right condition. Please take good care of her these days." The attitude of Austin changed as he went home. People thought he was an aloof, bossy CEO. Unexpectedly, his gentle voice was so pleasant to hear.

"Mr. Lin, what are you talking about! It's our job to take care of Miss Su. "

Austin nodded. He trusted Mona as she worked for the Lin family for so many years.

"Yolande, stay here for a while." Austin turned around and gently took off the large size suit on her shoulder. The man put on his suit and left in a hurry before Yolande could respond.

It seemed that no matter she promised or not, she must live here. He was bossy but more with tender, totally different from Aron.

"Mrs. Su, have a rest in your room. I'll make you some chicken soup. You'd better not catch a cold in such a cold day." Looking at the elegant and beautiful Yolande, Mona couldn't help feeling happy.

"No...Mona, you misunderstood me. I... I'm just the friend of Austin. Not... "due to Mona's misunderstanding, Yolande's face turned red and she explained in a hurry.

Mona smiled and knew that the girl was shy, so she stopped teasing her.

"Alright, alright. Go back to your room and have a rest. I heard from Mr. Lin that you just got out of the hospital. Don't be tired."

Yolande nodded and followed her into the bedroom on the second floor. It was a big bedroom, even larger than the one in Gu family. She sat on the bed and gently stroked the soft brown sheet under her body. She glanced at every corner of the room, feeling that everything in front of her was unreal.

She had never known that Austin came from such a wealthy family. Just the district of the mansion was pricey even overlooking the interior decoration But she remembered that Austin didn't look like a rich man who always sat behind her in college. She only knew that he was a man of few words. Other than a few words he had said to her, she had never seen him talk to anyone else.

If she didn't think carefully, she would really ignore that there was such a person in her life. Because he was so reserved that he would even be forgotten of his existence. Although he had a good-looking appearance, his expressionless and cold appearance was daunting.

'Austin? Mr. Lin? Why had she never heard of Lin family in this place? When she was confused, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Miss Su, the chicken soup is ready." Mona carried a plate with utmost care.

"Thank you, Mona. Let me take it." Yolande was about to take it, but Mona turned around and dodged.

"Well, Miss Su, you'd better not move as much as you can as you are just out of the hospital. You just leave the dirty work to our servants. You should not be burned"

After saying that, Yolande was stunned. In the past three years in the Gu family, it seemed that no one was so kind to her, even if a servant. Then Mona put the plate on the tea table. Before she left, she reminded Yolande to drink while it was hot. Yolande's nose twitched as she stared at the steaming chicken soup and various snacks and fruits on the plate.

Why treated her so well? She had been ready to be trampled on by the world.

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