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   Chapter 3 Betrayal

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Yolande's eyes were bright red. Ever since they entered her life, she had loved Sunny as if she were her own biological sister.

However, this woman had the nerve to betray her right behind her back!

"So you finally know now, huh?" Her innocent look had finally withered down, as Sunny sneered down at Yolande. She leaned over the doorframe, crossing her arms.

"Why?" Yolande demanded. "I've given you everything. I loved you. How could you do this to me?" Yolande felt heartbroken by it all. Her husband who had once loved her found it in himself to hurt her, and the woman that she grew up with betrayed her.

"If you're willing to do everything for me, why didn't you give Aron to me?"

Sunny raised her head arrogantly, snorting. She crossed her arms, unashamed of what she'd done.

"Look at yourself, huh. You don't deserve him. You don't deserve to marry him! All you are is a slut,

who's willing to sell her virginity to just anyone!"

It had never occurred to Yolande that they'd be like this over just one man. After everything they'd been through, she was willing to give it all up for Aron. How dare her?


Yolande said through gritted teeth. She jumped up from her bed and grabbed Sunny's hair, pulling her down the carpeted floor. All grace that she held was gone. She was furious, as her sister's words echoed in her eardrums. 'Slut, huh? I'll show her!'

Sunny didn't expect that Yolande would go through all these lengths to beat her. She immediately covered her head with her hands, quivering in fear. "Mom, help!" she yelled out, startling the people downstairs.

"Yolande! She–she wants to kill me!" Hearing the sound from upstairs, Wendy Chu rushed over.

"You bitch!" she yelled, seeing the scene unfold in front of her. She quickly pulled Yolande away from her daughter. "Let go of her!"

Without another word, she slapped Yolande. Her grip finally loosened as her mind fell blank. Grief overwhelmed Yolande, as she stood motionless at the scene unfolding before her.

It turned out everyone hated her. No one understood how much she suffered, how she'd feel throughout all of these. No one even believed her or even pitied her.

"Mom, she hit me!"

"Baby, don't be afraid. I'm here to teach this slut a lesson!"

Sunny sobbed as if she were the victim, as if she wasn't the slut who had just slept with someone else's husband. Yolande sneered at the sight, curling her fingers into fists.

The more cunning a woman was, the more pity she'd be able to get, it seemed.

This place, Yolande realized, as she looked around... she had never belonged here. Hearing Wendy Chu's vicious words, Yolande stalked out of the house, her suitcase in tow.

Her head tilted upwards from what little pride she left as she walked down the streets. This wasn't her home anymore. Since that was the case, where would she go after? As she strolled down the paved sidewalks, she realized that she had absolutely no idea. The city had been her home, her place. She was actually going to leave the city she knew and loved. But even then, as she looked back, she realized that maybe she didn't know it as well as she'd thought.

The cold wind blew over her as yellow leaves from Chinese parasol trees whirled around. Every street looked the same with every twist and turn that she had passed. All the memories she had here hit her like a dagger.

Yolande shook her head, strands of hair falling down her cheeks. However, no matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't control herself from recalling all the memories she had here.

All these years, she thought she was tough, that she was strong, yet now, as she walked down the streets, she was just a pathetic woman. All these years, she tried to hold her head up high, yet now...

"Yolande, watch out!" someone shouted not far behind, but it was too late


Just before she could react, a car sped over towards her, hitting her with full force.


She flew back meters away, her head crashing onto the pavement. Blood pooled around her as she felt the skies spinning around. Everything was blurry now, even the sound had started to make her ears throb in pain. She tried to scramble back up, only to feel a sharp pain throughout her body.

Before she knew it, everything turned black.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

In an operating room of the hospital, the green light on the ECG machine kept on flashing. Several surgeons surrounded the woman who was brought in there due to a car accident.

Outside the operating room was the director and a suited man.

"Director, the woman's left kidney is failing. There are just too many blood clots. We have to remove it as soon as possible." A nurse ran towards them, looking out of breath as she glanced anxiously at the two.

The handsome man frowned.

"Is there any other way?" the director asked as seeing the man's expression.

Doctor Zhang, who just came out, could only shake his head. "We're trying our best to keep her alive right now. Her missing a kidney wouldn't do much harm to her."

"No way," the man interrupted. His determined eyes made everyone at a loss for words.

The director frowned, leaning in to whisper to the man. "Mr. Austin, do you think we should inform her family members?" he said. "If they agree to donate the kidney, then we can perform a transplant."

"They don't care she's at this state. Do you think they'd want to donate a kidney for her?" Austin Lin sneered.

"But if this continues, she won't be able to live that much longer with a malfunctioning kidney." Yolande could not afford more time. The more seconds that they were wasting, the more she neared her deathbed.

Although the life of the injured was more important, they couldn't find it in themselves to disobey Austin Lin.

"Mr. Austin, what do you think?" the director urged.

"Remove it then," he said it through gritted teeth. Although he hated the idea, it seemed as if the staff had left him with no other option.

Everyone sighed in relief as they rushed back to the operating room, prepping for the operation.

Austin Lin could only looking from afar, his face scrunched up with worry. He understood what it meant to have only one kidney. An ordinary person would suffer great amounts of pain,

and for someone like Yolande, who had a poor physical health in the first place, it'd be extra hard on her.

Austin Lin gritted his teeth.

He had seen her suffer, and he hated it, hated how he couldn't be there to actually help her. Austin Lin didn't want her to suffer anymore and bear all this weight alone. This was why he was left to make such a decision.

Four hours later, Yolande was already lying in one of the best wards in the hospital.

Her hand was covered with infusion holes, with tubes crisscrossed around her, as bottles of medicine hung on the iron rack of the bed.

Her palm was cold to touch. Austin rose up to fix the tubes, making sure that they all flow properly in her system.

Plock! Plock!

These days, Austin would take hours from his day to accompany her. Even if he'd assigned the best nurses to attend to her, he couldn't help but be worried about her.

He used to be silent and shy, but now he found himself telling her details of his day as he read her stories in hopes that she'd wake up.

He recalled how they first met each other...

People who didn't know them would think she was his beloved wife. However, for the others who actually knew them, Austin was nothing more than Yolande's friend.

Even Yolande didn't know that Austin had been loving her selflessly all this time. Even on her wedding day, he reeled himself as he watched her walk down the aisle, hoping for her happiness.

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