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   Chapter 455 Go With You

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They only relaxed one night. On the second day, they began to get down to business.

Especially the two men who had been found in the villa, Cliff had left them to Adriana.

Christina was confused at that time, but she was relieved after Cliff explained to her.

However, the only thought in her mind was that the two men should at least not be mad by Adriana, who was very capable!

"Tell me, what's your purpose?" Adriana took over the interrogation of the two people. She looked terrible and her punishment was harsh.

"You don't want to tell me, do you?

Do you think I can do nothing to you?" Adriana sneered.

"Then you really underestimate me." Adriana was good at interrogating people.

It was easy for Adriana to deal with the two people.

"Do you tell me?" Adriana stood up and pointed her finger at the most painful spot of the body.

No matter how tough the two men were, they couldn't bear it anymore. They gave in and then Adriana got a lot of useful information.

It was hard to tell whether what they said was true or not. After all, these people had received professional training, and it might be a strategy at this time.

"I hope what you said is true. If you lie, I still have a way to let you know how powerful I am." After threatening the two men, she gave each of them an injection.

What's in the syringe is a good thing!

After it worked, they would have a good time.

"Cliff, look, these are the news I asked for you." As soon as Adriana got the useful information, she turned around and was obedient again.

"I'm here to have a look." After scanning it, Cliff quickly found out what was true and what was false.

"Cliff, do you think I'm powerful?" Adriana blinked her eyes, hoping to be recognized by Cliff.

"You should know whether you are powerful or not.

do them!

There were some things waiting for you to find and finish.

If The Bloody Organization was really as she thought, it was...

At the thought of this, Christina felt a pain in her heart.

"Christina, can't you tell us what happened?" Adriana still asked. She wanted to know what was going on.

"Don't ask me. I won't tell you." Christina pushed Adriana's head aside.

Adriana pouted. It was useless to be coquettish. It seemed that she was not as charming as two little nephews!

"Christina! You will make me sad. " Adriana said, covering her chest.

"I know. You will be sad." Christina admitted.

"But you still don't let me know. Christina, you should know that there are many unexpected things happening in The Bloody Organization. We have to be very careful!" Adriana really didn't know what to say. She had said everything she could think of.

"Adriana, you don't have to persuade me. I know what I'm doing." Christina thanked Adriana's kindness, but she had a reason to go!

"Well, it seems that I really don't have any charm!" Adriana sighed again and her expression was very vivid, which made Christina admire her very much.

"Adriana, come here!"

"What's up, Cliff?"

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