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   Chapter 454 Grandpa

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Tatum had already told Kohen his plan, and Kohen came back to help Tatum. Henry was ready to carry out his plan.

Only Christina and Cliff didn't know what they would do. Even the two kids had been warned not to inform Christina and Cliff.

After all, when Christina saw that Tatum hesitated and seemed to have something to say, she was very confused. She didn't know what Tatum wanted to do.

"Mr. Tatum, what's wrong with you? Are you unhappy? " Christina took the initiative to ask. Tatum sighed and looked at Christina for a while, not knowing how to talk to Christina.

"What's wrong with you?" Christina began to worry about Tatum. She didn't know what was wrong with him!

"I have a worry in my heart for more than twenty years." Said Tatum, covering his chest with his hands. He fixed his eyes on Christina.

At this time, how could Christina not understand.

She was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

In order to let her recognize that she was his granddaughter, he had come up with this idea. It was really difficult for Tatum to be like this.

"Mr. Tatum, can you tell me what you are thinking about?" Pretending not to know, Christina asked Tatum casually.

Tatum looked at her again and was very helpless. "I want my granddaughter to come back home, but I don't know if my granddaughter will recognize me or not. I'm very hesitant now. What do you think I should do?"

It was really surprising to see Tatum acting.

"It depends on you. I don't think I can help you." Christina gave a cunning smile.

Tatum directly covered his chest with his hand, "I think I have no hope at all. I really have no hope at all."

"Have you seen Tatum is using sympathy-getting ploy?" When Henry criticized Tatum, he was merciless, but he could say anything to criticize Tatum!

"Great Grandpa, what are you talking about?" Jack raised her head and looked at Hen


"Christina, can you... Can you call me Grandpa again?" Tatum's hands were trembling, and suppressed his excited voice.

"Grandpa." Since Christina had called Tatum Grandpa, so it was not difficult for her to call him again and again.

This was her grandfather!

At this time, Christina's heart seemed to be warmed up.

"Today is really a happy day. I'll ask the cook to prepare a table of delicious food. Let's have a good meal tonight!" Henry ordered the David, and the David immediately carried out the task.

The dinner tonight was really plentiful, not only the Zhan family, but also the Huo family was here.

It was like a family reunion. The two old people looked at the full seat and felt much relieved.

"What a good day!" Adriana, who had been wandering outside recently, was summoned back by a phone call. Knowing that it was such a good thing, she was naturally very happy for Christina.

"Christina, let me propose a toast to you." Adriana raised her glass.

"Thank you, Adriana." With a smile on her face, Christina drank the wine in one gulp.

"Great!" After drinking a glass of wine, Adriana was really a straightforward person.

All of a sudden, they all fixed their eyes on Adriana.

Christina felt helpless.

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