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   Chapter 452 Fool

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"Honey, you haven't eaten anything yesterday. Let's go downstairs to eat something now, okay?" The two children were no longer afraid under their efforts, but the bad influence could not be removed at once.

They didn't think it was that simple.

Now the most important thing was to make the children not afraid. They would take their time to remove the bad influence on the kids.

"I'm hungry." The two babies touched their bellies with their little hands. Obviously, they agreed with Christina.

Christina smiled and took the kids with Cliff to the living room to eat.

Henry and Tatum had been waiting for them in the living room. As soon as they saw Christina and Cliff who were holding the kids, they all wore big smiles.

As long as the kids were fine, that was good.

"Babies, come here. Great grandpa has asked the cook to prepare a lot of your favorite food. Come and have a look. Do you like them all?" Henry and Tatum waved at the kids.

As soon as the children heard that there were delicious food, they walked towards the two old men.

"Honey, don't be afraid. Great grandpa is with you."

"My babies are so pitiful."

"Great Grandpa, we are not afraid. We are not afraid anymore." The two kids said to Henry seriously.

Hearing the two babies' words, Henry felt relieved!

They were the descendant of the Huo family.

They couldn't be afraid of anything. Even if something bad happened, those powerful men would dealt with it. Only they needed to do was meeting the challenge bravely.

Their children didn't need to suffer any grievance.

Tatum was also the one who had the same thought with Henry. Although Tatum was not as important as Henry in the hearts of the two children, he was also very important in the hearts of the two children.

As long as he continued playing with the kids, they would get close to him.

Tatum was full of confidence!

"Yes! According to your great grandpa, don't be afraid. Even if you stir up trouble, we can deal with it. " When Tatum said this, he was very arrogant.


It's very dangerous to have such an idea.

I'm the optimistic person.

Someone who was the optimistic person sometimes really made people want to teach him a lesson.

Did he want to be taught a lesson?

Now he was still a patient and could win sympathy.

"Hiram, let me tell you. If you keep doing this, don't blame me for being rude!" Jacob had good endurance.

But when it came to people like Hiram, no matter how tolerant person was, he would go crazy.

"All of a sudden, I feel so scared!" At this time, even though Hiram knew that Jacob was about to get angry, his character could not be changed in a day.

Therefore, as time went by, Hiram's characters became more and more strange!

"Stop talking, Hiram!" Christina couldn't stand it anymore.

Although Jacob was a lawyer, he was a powerful man!

Christina had seen how scheming Jacob was. He was as cunning as Cliff.

"All right! I won't say anymore. " The smart person was the one who knew what to do. So Hiram shut up.

However, after Hiram shut up, he still looked around. He was extremely busy.

Christina was very speechless and thought, 'Hiram is really a fool.'

"Jacob, I don't think it's a good idea to tell this to Hiram. I'd better tell you!" She had already had no hope for Hiram.

"Why can't you tell me?" Hiram looked at Christina like a little animal.

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