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   Chapter 451 The Bloody Organization

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On the other hand, Cliff had found a lot of surveillance videos.

He had found a lot of clues.

The more he looked, the more frightening it was.

He really didn't know that someone had sneaked into the Huo family's house and done such a thing under their watch.

Although they hid their behaviors well, Cliff could find their flaws.

As long as Cliff thought that what they did, he almost wanted to tear them apart.

But his strong suppressive force did not allow him to do so.

'Not yet. I have to continue to watch and see when these people sneaked in.'

Cliff was a powerful man. He continued watching patiently and finally found the day when these two people sneaked in.

It was obvious that these people came here because of Hiram.

That was to say, the real target of these people was still Hiram, but if they directly attacked Hiram, they might not have much chance to win. If they could find a helper and they did not show up, then everything would be fine.

Jack and Allen were the focus of their attention.

For Henry and even the whole Huo family, Jack and Allen were the most important people. No one would stop the two of them wherever they wanted to go. This also gave them an invisible help, letting them do what they wanted to do.

After watching all the surveillance videos, Cliff knew what he should do.

It was already bright outside. Cliff twisted his stiff neck and stood up slowly.

"Ouch!" He sprained his shoulder and felt a little pain.

After a while, he did a little exercise.

Cliff opened the curtains and looked outside.

He didn't expect that the sky outside was blue and the air was clean.

Looking down, he found that there were water drops on the flowers and trees. It should have rained at night, and he didn't feel it at all.

"How's the investigation going, Cliff?" Christina didn't sleep well last night. She came to see Cliff because she wanted to know the reason as soon as possible.

"I've found it out." Holding Christina's hand, Cliff led her to see the surveillance video.

Things had happened, and it was impossible to hide it, especially

embled again.

The two kids were afraid and knew that they had done something wrong.

"Daddy, Mommy." The two kids called Christina and Christina like kittens.

Even when they didn't know the truth, they didn't attack anyone.

"Honey, don't be afraid. Daddy and Mommy will be with you." Christina walked over carefully and tried to hold the children in her arms.

The two kids must be very scared after what happened last night.

In front of the familiar adults, they seemed to have found a warm harbor. As long as this harbor was there, they would not feel afraid.

"Don't be afraid. We are all here." Christina comforted the children in a soft voice.

The kids relaxed themselves little by little under the comfort of Christina.

No matter what had happened, what he could do now was to make the children not afraid, and not to have a bad influence on the kids.

"Honey, don't be afraid. Daddy and Mommy are here with you." Cliff walked towards the kids and held Christina and the two kids in his arms.

"We are not afraid." Jack murmured in a soft voice.

Apparently, Jack was not afraid anymore. Although Allen was silent, he was very calm.

"Well, you are the best and the most powerful. You are not afraid at all. You can solve yourself."

"Mommy, we knelt on the washboard yesterday." Christina was amused. This was what the kids were willing to do, and she didn't ask them to do.

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