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   Chapter 450 Don't be afraid, Babies

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Christina didn't think too much. She didn't expect that there might be such a reason.

Generally speaking, the kids were very familiar with Hiram, and they were more sensible than ordinary children. It was impossible for them to play with things like sharp weapons. Henry was also watching them, and there was also David. How could such a thing happen to them?

If it was really Jacob's guess, then there was someone behind this matter.

Not to mention who did it, it was a big problem that someone had already lurked in the Huo clan. In addition, Christina was kidnapped last time, it seemed that this problem had probably not been solved.

They didn't want to think about the bad side of the matter, but the matter had got out of the control.

Both Christina and Cliff pulled a long face. As their masters, it was not good to know that others had already acted on their turf.

"I will investigate it thoroughly after we go back."

"Then I will ask the children what happened at that time, and whether they still have memory. I will also hear what Grandpa and David will say."

"Okay, that's it."

The two of them worked separately, so the effect would be faster.

They went back to where Henry lived. The lights were on.

Except for Henry, David and the kids, there was also Tatum. Tatum had planned to visit his friends and wouldn't come back today, but somehow he came back ahead of time.

At this time, two old men were sitting in the living room, and the atmosphere was very serious.

"You are back." Two old men said at the same time.

"Yes, we are back." Both Christina and Cliff looked tired.

"This is unusual. The children are innocent." Henry spoke first, followed by Tatum.

"Go and check the surveillance video first. Then you will know that the children's behavior is very strange." Tatum said. Obviously, Tatum had watched the surveillance video, so he could say something like that.

It seemed that the two old men were finding the excuse for the two children, but they were telling the truth.

If the two of them blamed the children as soon as they came back, the children would suffer.


Hearing Christina and Cliff's words, the two old men breathed a sigh of relief.

They were really afraid that the two would not follow their advice

on as possible, so that the children wouldn't have to blame themselves.

The kids were too young. She dare not imagine what would happen if this matter left a bad impact on them.

Therefore, she didn't want them to have a bad influence.

"What happened? Do you think they are easy to be bullied? So you treat them like this? "

Christina gnashed her teeth in hatred. If those people who had done something behind her were in front of her now, she would pounce on them and bite their flesh.

How did they offend him?

How could he treat them like this?

They didn't do anything. Why did they suffer a lot?

The two kids were terribly frightened and couldn't sleep well the whole night. Christina dozed off several times halfway and was woken up several times.

In this way, she kept dozing off and waking up, which made Christina more gaunt and angry.

"Babies, don't be afraid. Mommy is here and I am not angry anymore. So babies, be good and sleep well!

Honey, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid!"

Christina patted the children on the back and kept coaxing them, humming a song, telling them not to be afraid and to help them drive away the bad guys in their dreams.

Maybe it worked. The two kids slept much more soundly after midnight. Although they occasionally whimpered, they didn't talk in sleep. They would find Christina's arms and sleep close to her.

Christina held the children in her arms to protect them from any fear. As long as she could protect them well, she was willing to do anything.

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