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   Chapter 448 Disfigured

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"Allen, Jack, get up quickly. Don't kneel there. You are still young. You can't do this!" Seeing the two babies kneeling on the washboard, Henry's heart ached.

They were only four years old!

Their bodies were still fragile and growing!

How could they be punished like this?

How Henry wished he could take the punishment for his two babies.

"Great Grandpa, we are not afraid. We should be punished for doing something wrong." The two babies stubbornly refused to stand up, and their reasons were also powerful.

The more the two babies acted like this, the more Henry felt sorry for them.

They were too young!

No matter how stubborn Henry was, he was soft hearted now.

"Great Grandpa, we are not afraid of suffering. It's our fault. Don't worry. We are fine." The two babies comforted Henry which made Henry feel relieved and more distressed.

He didn't know how to help his two babies.

In the end, Henry had no choice but to stand aside anxiously.

"Sorry, I forgot." Jerry came in a hurry, apologized quickly, and then quickly checked the wound of Hiram.

"What was he hurt by?" After checking it, Jerry felt that he was hurt by a sharp weapon, but he was not sure, because the wound was really deep.

"It should be a sharp weapon, right?" Christina and Cliff were not sure. When they got home, they saw that Hiram was lying in a pool of blood. The two children seemed to be holding something in their hands, their faces full of astonishment and panic. Besides, Henry was asking David to get close to Hiram, as if David was going to help Hiram up.

Seeing such a scene, Christina and Cliff couldn't think too much at that time. The only thought in their minds was to send Hiram to the hospital as soon as possible.

"I'm going to sew up his wound. Wait here." Jerry asked the nurse beside him for help.

"Cliff, what's going on?"

Christina was worried


"So, was Hiram sent to the ward? How is the operation going? "

Christina asked several questions in a row, and Cliff answered them one by one.

"So, is there still a scar on his forehead?" Christina frowned.

It was such a deep wound. If there was a scar, his hair would definitely not be able to cover it. And as a lively and active person, Hiram certainly didn't like to have the fringe on his forehead.

"When his wound heals, arrange an operation to remove the scar on his forehead."

"That's the only way." Christina nodded in agreement.

"I've been sleeping against you. You should be very tired. You'd better stand up and move quickly. Don't make your shoulders too hard, it will make you uncomfortable." As Christina spoke, she began to help him relax his shoulders.

"It's okay. I won't be comfortable." Cliff felt warm in his heart.

"Listen to me. Don't contradict me." Cliff knew that there was no room to refuse, so he accepted it gladly.

Christina was good at massaging. After massaging his stiff shoulder for a few times, he felt very comfortable.

"You have been working for a long time, and your bones are much more stiff than others. If you don't move well, you will be like a gear, making creaks when you walk."

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