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   Chapter 418 Unconsciousness

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"I'm sorry to get you into trouble this time."

"It's hard to say who is implicating whom!"

When the black cloth covering her eyes was uncovered, Christina and Kohen stood at an entrance.

There was only one path at the entrance, and there were no three choices as she had imagined.

"Christina, don't you want to know Lesly?"

When Kohen was about to enter the entrance, he asked Christina who was standing in front of him.

"I will know when I need to know. I believe that this person has something to do with me." After saying that, Christina walked in first.

"Yes! You have something to do with her. " Hearing Christina's words, Kohen sneered. Since when did he become so cautious?

The reason why he left the Zhan family was that he went to look for his aunt and Cindy.

After ten years, he finally met Cindy. But at that time, he didn't know that Christina was Cindy at all.

Maybe it was fate, or maybe it was the test of God.

Since the God wanted to test him, then come!

"Where the hell is she?" Cliff's anger was on the verge of exploding. There was an uncontrollable anger in the tone.

"I, I really don't know." Skylar shook her head. She really didn't know it at all. If she had known, things wouldn't have been like this.

"Mr. Cliff, I know my daughter very well. She fainted before."

"Now she has realized that she did something wrong. She will definitely tell everything she knows and will not hide anything..."

After thinking for many times, Elliot decided to take his troublesome daughter to find Cliff. He really couldn't destroy the whole Xu family.

The Xu family had relations with many people, not only related to their own fates, but also to the work of many staff working in the Xu Group. They must be responsible. They couldn't cause people to lose their jobs because of their selfishness, and they couldn't let


Carl didn't ask where Cliff was going to take Ann.

He knew that Christina may be in the trouble.

It seemed that something must have happened to Christina. Judging from the look on Cliff's face, he was trying his best to hold back his anger.

Carl could do nothing to help, so he was smart enough not to ask or interfere.

If he needed their help, Cliff would tell them.

Ann was taken away by Cliff directly. She was like a pile of mud, unconscious and didn't care who took her away at all.

Looking at Ann, Cliff's face darkened.

"Mr. Cliff, we'll ask Ann some questions. We'll report them to you in half an hour." Ben said, before Cliff lost his temper.

After casting a glance, Cliff closed his eyes.

What he meant next was self-evident.

There were too many ways to make Ann speak out all the useful information.

Ben was also a very capable man.

Ann said a lot before she came back to her senses. She would never say these things when she was alert.

Ben quickly sorted out these information and handed them to Cliff in half an hour.

There was still a period of time before Cliff lost his temper.

Cliff looked through it and quickly drew a map in his mind, wondering where Christina was now trapped.

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