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   Chapter 327 He Wants To Beat Her To Death

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 7280

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:13

Every man was born for himself.

She just wanted to live a better and more dignified life.

Her pride would never allow anyone to trample on her feet.

With a sneer, Lea edited an anonymous message. Almost in an instant, it swept the Internet with a linked address.

At the same time, Lea, who thought that she would not be discovered even if she was anonymous, was also targeted.

The link address that almost everyone could see was only blooming like fireworks. Before anyone could see clearly where it was, it was deleted.

It was the place where goddess and the CEO of the Huo Company lived!

Even if they couldn't see it in person, they had to know the address!

This kind of truth was right in front of her, but it was not enough. It was really annoying!

Even if some people were slow and didn't see it, some people who were fast had already clicked the link.

They thought they could know the truth, but when they saw the content, they could only secretly curse 'Holy shit'!.

That's not an address!

It was obvious that it was poisoned. A harmless poison, just like the news about the goddess.

Sure enough, but any news related to goddess would be poisonous, and even a little bit of it could make people poisoned to death.

They were no longer curious. They swore.

Not knowing what she had done had been discovered, and she hadn't succeeded, Lea's mood had slowly improved.

It depended on her mood to fight with her.

As selfish as she was, she could only think of her favorite grandfather. Now she seemed to have forgotten where he was and didn't care about him at all.

"Where are you?" Derrick's phone call made Lea wake up immediately.

"I..." Lea looked blankly at the empty road and didn't know where she was.

All of a sudden, a chill swept over her heart. The chill in the morning made her, who was thin, feel chill.

"Where on earth are you?" Derrick had a bad temper, but he wouldn't lose his temper with Lea for no reason. Now he was suppressing his temper and was about to erupt at any time.

"I..." Lea didn't know how to answer.

"Since you can't answer, give me a position." Said Derrick quickly.

Lea was co

down her cheeks.

This was her grandfather. Now he could only lie in bed. What did she do?

Biting her lips, Lea didn't dare to walk over. Her fear had restricted her steps, and she didn't dare to walk over. The fear in her heart was constantly increasing.

"Go and see what your grandfather is like now." Derrick clenched his fists. It was all Lea's fault.

If possible, he really wanted to kill his sister.

Did she take everyone's love for granted? So she had no conscience at all?

If that was the case, then it was their fault. They shouldn't spoil her so much. They spoiled her unconditionally and eventually they were hurt.

They didn't want to try at all at such a price.

Till now, Derrick didn't dare to contact with his family. He was afraid that his family would be disappointed, and more afraid that they would worry about him.

Perhaps, up to now, he was still thinking about how to protect Lea and let her safely get through the situation that she might be killed.

"Grandpa, I'm Lea. Open your eyes and look at me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I'm really sorry."

"Grandpa, I shouldn't have talked back to you. Grandpa, look at me, okay?" Crying, Lea slowly walked to the bed.

Ladd seemed to have fallen asleep, or he didn't seem to hear Lea crying at all. Anyway, he didn't have any reaction.

"Grandpa, why don't you look at me? I apologize. I was really wrong. Look at me, okay? "


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