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   Chapter 319 Eating The Chicken Legs And Watching The Show

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 7077

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"No, I want to walk on my own." Allen glanced at Jack. Such behavior was harmful to his image. He didn't need to do that at all.

Allen, with short legs, walked past Cliff and Jack.

From the front, Allen looked very cute, especially his serious appearance.

From the back, Allen was very pedantic which made him look like that he really traveled from ancient times.

They were twins. But their personalities were really different from each other!

"Jack, do you really want Daddy to take you down like this?" Cliff asked his youngest son again.

"Daddy, I want to go on like this." Jack was so firm on his own idea! He didn't want to change at all.

"What if Jack roll down like a white gourd? Are you still willing to do that? " This youngest son cared about his own image very much. He was very young, but had known that he needed to be a good image.

Cliff caught the point too. When he was talking to Jack, he could clearly see that Jack was thinking seriously and his face changed.

"Daddy, you are so bad! It won't happen. Why did you tell me? " Jack began to hesitate.

"Look at Allen and you'll know whether it's true or not."

"If Allen thinks that it is what can be done, do you need to call him?" Cliff was a scheming man. He even wanted to get his eldest son involved in it.

Therefore, sometimes, no matter it was the youngest son or the eldest son, or Cliff, or even Christina, they would get other people involved in their matters.

"Daddy, you are right!" Jack was completely convinced. As long as Allen thought he could do something, he would get it done.

It seemed that Allen refused to do it just now. Allen was unwilling to do it, but only he wanted to do it.


Why did he seem to lose to Allen?

Jack was completely brainwashed. Allen had gone downstairs, but he could still hear the voice upstairs. Allen's disdainful eyes were very obvious.

He shook his head helplessly. With such a brother and father, who else was reliable in this family?

"Allen, David will take you to eat something delicious, okay?" There was no sound when David walked. He walked

and smelled very good.

Looking at the sensible Allen, Christina stretched out her hand and rubbed Allen's head. "Eat by yourself. Mommy won't eat."

"Mommy, eat it." Allen insisted.

"Mommy, just eat it. We have a lot of chicken legs." Jack also pushed his two chicken legs in front of Christina. Looking at the two chicken legs, she felt warm in her heart, even warmer than the warmest sunshine in spring.

These two kids were really like her sweet cotton padded jacket!

Whose sons were they?

They were her sons!

Christina's face was full of pride. She had no mood to pay attention to Cliff, who had been taught a lesson by Henry.

What was that? She didn't need to pay attention to it at all!

Anyway, he wouldn't die. Everything would be ok!

Christina felt at ease and began to eat the chicken legs and interact with the children.

"Babies, Mommy will eat with you, okay?" Christina tore the chicken legs into pieces, fed the children a mouthful, and then ate herself. In this way, she ate up the two chicken legs one by one.

Finally, Cliff got rid of Henry. With a pale face, Cliff stood at the table and asked, "what about mine?"

"Daddy, do you need to eat chicken leg?" Jack tilted his head and asked Cliff curiously.

His words were really heartbreaking!

"Jack, doesn't Daddy need to eat it?" Cliff covered his chest with one hand. No one could understand his pain.

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