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   Chapter 318 Serious and Silly

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"Let's talk about the relationship between goddess and that mysterious man. '

"Oh my God! The goddess was such a person. '

'Wow, it's rare to see the mysterious man has a fiancee who is destined to marry him '

'Fiancee and goddesses? Who is more important in the heart of the mysterious man? '

All kinds of weird titles appeared in the top ten of the hot search, and the ranking was rising very fast!

Suddenly, Christina burst into laughter. These people were really worried about her. Was it necessary for them to be so active about her business?

What did her business have to do with them?

And would the person who sent the video or even the person who posted the news think that they did an unnecessary thing?

"Carl, what do you think we should do now?" Christina was not in the mood to deal with such a thing, and now she really wanted to go back and have a good discussion with that mysterious man that who was important in his heart.

"Deal with it coldly. Let's wait and see. I'll contact Ben."

"Now, let me drive you back." Seeing what had happened, Carl was also upset!

It was hard for those who wanted to expose such a thing. It was really hard for them.

"Okay." The two of them were not in the mood to go to the concert hall.

"Mr. Cliff, there is something about Mrs. Christina on the Internet again. This time it has something to do with you and that Lea." Ben kept an eye on Christina, which was also a part of his work.

His ability must match his high paying position!

Even if he was on vacation, Ben thought he was very competent.

"Send me the video." The video that Cliff asked for must be the original version, which had not been deleted.

After sending the video to Cliff, Ben also rushed to Henry's house.

While Cliff was watching the video.

There was always a smile on the corner of his mouth. His woman should be like this. No matter what kind of situation it was, as long as someone wanted to deal with them, they had to fight back forcefully. No matter what status and status that person had, they were not afraid.


!" Cliff was still in the mood to argue with Jack, which made Jack feel anxious.

"Daddy, Daddy, Allen, Allen..." Jack was in a hurry!

"Yes, Jack is right." Allen said until he saw the anxious look on Jack's face.

Hearing that, the corners of Cliff's mouth twitched. It turned out that his eldest son had a bad taste!

He usually looked serious. When he teased people, he was also serious, but the effect was very good.

On the other hand, the youngest son was totally silly. He was held in the hand of the eldest son.

After getting the answer from Allen, Jack began to be happy again.

If there was a tail on his buttock, then now he had already raised it high. The joy was really beyond words!

Only by dancing could he express his feelings at that moment. People were really miraculous.

"Well, that's enough. Can you get out of daddy's lap now? Daddy doesn't need such a pendant. " Cliff looked at the huge pendant on his leg. It was weightless when he walked, but when he was about to go downstairs, he could take him.

This big pendant might fall down directly!

"Daddy, can you just take me downstairs like this?" Jack was unwilling to come down.

"Allen, come with us. Let's ask Daddy to take us downstairs. Then we don't need do downstairs by ourselves." Look, what a novel idea!

Some people who were not imaginative completely followed Jack's thinking mode.

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