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   Chapter 315 Entering The Entertainment Industry

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"Christina, you have to try your best to perform carefully, understand?" Carl said to Christina seriously.

"Carl, you have said that more than once. If you continue, my ears will be calluses." Christina was helpless to do anything with Carl.

It was just a show, wasn't it?

Why was he so nervous?

Christina couldn't understand Carl's feelings. Although she also knew that this performance was very important and the people who came to watch this kind of music play were not ordinary people, she was not as nervous as Carl.

This chance could improve her acting skills and train herself. The biggest idea she held was to train herself.

"Just do your job. I'll do the rest." With a wave of Carl's hand, Christina could only stay aside and wait for the beginning of the music play.

She was nervous, but not afraid. As soon as she stepped onto the stage, she glanced at the seats in the banquet hall and found that there were really so many people! None of the seats was empty.

Wow, the influence was really great!

This kind of performance represented national performance level, so it was very valuable.

Christina was a good actress who could generate real empathy. She didn't pay attention to anyone or anything else.

While Christina was performing on the stage, there was a person off the stage confirming Christina's identity.

"Is that Christina?" Today, Lea came to watch a music play with her friend, and she was looking forward to this play. She had already made an appointment with her friend early.

"I suppose so." Lea's friend was not sure.

"Generally speaking, the list of performers will be released in advance in this kind of music play, right?"

"Generally speaking, that's true. But there is a saying in the concert hall that as long as the music plays are led by chief or the vice chief, there is no need to release the list of the performers. All they need to do is to inform people in advan

by him.

She was really speechless. Why?

What did she want?

"Miss Lea, if there is nothing else, I have to go now." After a while, before Lea spoke, Christina lost her patience.

Now that she had guessed what Lea would say, why did she still stay here and listen?

"Miss Christina, please wait a moment." Lea wanted to say something, and she didn't know what kind of tone she should use.

If she wanted to show her momentum, she'd better suppress Christina's at once.

"Miss Lea, have you decided what to say?" Christina gave a playful smile, as if she had seen through Lea.

Lea's heart tightened. This was the feeling she hated the most.

"Miss Christina, do you know that Cliff saved me ten years ago?" Lea was thinking about how to say, but finally she started with this matter.

"I didn't expect that Cliff would save you ten years ago. You two are destined to be together." It seemed that this was the point.

Would she want to marry him to repay?

This was probably what would happen in TV dramas.

She didn't expect that Lea would have such an idea!

It was true that the sea water could not be measured up, and people could not be judged by their looks!

"Yes! I think so. But Mr. Cliff doesn't remember me. " There was a hint of sadness in Lea's eyes.

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