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   Chapter 310 Hug And Kiss

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"Oh, Sidney, my dear younger brother!"

"This is Lea, you can make friend with her."

"What a coincidence! Is this fate? "

As if she had discovered a new continent, Adriana was thrilled.

"I am very happy to make friend with Lea." Embarrassed, Sidney scratched his head.

He didn't want to come over just now because his elder brother was staring at him.

He didn't know what Scott was doing there. He was playing the game there just now. He had a good time and was cheated to come here.

At that time, he felt himself so useless!

Why was he so afraid of his elder brother?

Now, he felt that he was really right to come here!

"What a small world! He could meet this lovely girl. " Lea also felt very happy, so she began to talk with them.

The topic was changed and they talked happily.

Sidney didn't know what was going on here. Maybe they were about the same age, so they talked to each other in a lively way.

As an old man who was in his thirties, Wade was a middle-aged man.

He could only touch his nose and had no idea what he could do.

Should he stay here or leave?

It was really difficult!

It seemed that he couldn't talk to them at all.

But he couldn't leave. What if things went out of control?

It was really difficult to deal with.

Wade was helpless and thought, 'why did he take over this task?'

And his Uncle Jay, Why did he do such thing?

Damn it!

"Wade, why do you look so upset? Are you having constipation? " Adriana was just a girl who couldn't speak decent words.

When you thought she was gentle, she was so rude that you doubted your life.

Was she still a girl?

She didn't look like a girl at all, but a boy.

"Adriana, what do you think of Lea?" Wade asked cautiously.

"Wade, what do you mean?" Adriana's eyes wandered, full of vigilance.

"Wade, let

ill always be with you."

"I won't let those things happen no matter what other people want."

"We will always be together. Those people's thoughts won't come true."

"Cliff, I trust you. That won't happen."

Christina's heart was filled with sweetness. She had heard such words for many times, but she still felt very comfortable when she heard it.

"Christina, can I kiss you?" The man who was insatiable hugged Christina more tightly.

"Cliff, do you think it's possible?" Christina rolled her eyes and thought, 'this man was really shameless.'

"I think I can!" Cliff gave Christina a big kiss on her face. His speed was so fast that it was almost over when she wanted to beat him.

"Cliff, be a good man. Let me go."


"Don't act like a spoiled child."

"Christina, don't be so mean to me, okay?"

"If I don't yell at you, who else should I yell at?" Christina raised her eyebrows.

"Well, you can only be fierce to me. Do you know that?" Cliff agreed.

"Cliff, what are you going to do next? Do you really want your Uncle Jay to continue like this? " Even if Cliff didn't feel uncomfortable, she would feel very uncomfortable.

"I won't let him go on like this." Cliff promised to Christina.

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