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   Chapter 306 Christina Doesn't Deserve You

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6100

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"Mr. Cliff, the crisis of the Mu Company has been solved." Ben came to report this to Cliff in a hurry.

The Mu Company was beaten up by them and was about to declare bankruptcy. Unexpectedly, it was saved overnight with new capital pouring in.

This caused an uproar in this circle. Everyone was guessing who help the Mu Company and how could the Mu Company solve the crisis overnight? It was unrealistic!

No matter what other people guessed, no one came out to explain the situation.

Those who were in this circle could see that even if the Mu Company had solved the crisis, its reputation had been ruined a lot in the circle. It was likely that it would not be able to regain its current position for a moment.

"Okay, I know." Cliff didn't even lift his eyelids.

"Mr. Cliff, what should we do next?" During the Spring Festival, Ben had an annual leave, which was specially approved by Cliff. He could play for a long time and have a good rest.

But now that he had to deal with the business of the Mu Company, Ben's holiday was postponed.

"We don't need to do anything." Cliff didn't want to do anything to destroy the Mu Company for the time being.

He wanted to see when these people from the Mu Company would come to him.

"Yes, Mr. Cliff." Assistant Liu had been working for Mr. Huo for a long time. Sometimes, he really didn't know what Mr. Huo was thinking. Just like now, as a secretary, [明明] couldn't figure out the next step.

"You can go back to take a leave. Hand over the work to Wendy before you take a leave."

"Yes, Mr. Cliff."

Ben came and left in a hurry, not staying at Henry's house for a long time.

"Cliff, I saw Ben just now. What is he doing here?" Christina carried a tray with fruits, desserts and milk tea on it.

"He came to tell me that the Mu Company had solved

. I'm listening." There was still no change in the expression on Cliff's face. Jay had no confidence to persuade Cliff, but hoped that his plan could be carried out.

"I am really not going to break you two up. I am really warm-hearted!" Jay laughed, as if he was really warm-hearted.

"Cliff, I'm afraid that Miss Christina approached our Huo family on purpose. I've already known that she has a connection with a foreign mysterious organization. The leader of that mysterious organization is a person called Hess. There is no privacy information in the black market. I hope you can know it."

"Cliff, you are the successor of the next generation of our Huo family. I hope you can live a good life. Do you know?" Jay said earnestly. After knowing the identity of Christina, he didn't agree with her becoming a member of the Mu family.

"Cliff, are you at home tomorrow?" That was what Jay really wanted to say.

"What's wrong, Uncle Jay?" Cliff was confused and his face darkened.

"There will be a guest at home tomorrow. He is your grandfather's old comrade in arms. If you are at home, you can see him." Jay didn't say anything wrong and the topic shifted to Henry, as if he really cared about Cliff.

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