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   Chapter 280 Precious

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Especially Jack, this was a child who could get along well with everyone.

After a while, Jack and the boy at the next table became good friends. The boy was one year older than Jack and began to go to kindergarten.

The little boy was also lively and naughty, but he had a good character.

They played together in just a few words.

Allen was relatively calm, but after following Jack, the three children played together.

"The friendship between children is the purest." Christina sighed.

"Children need to communicate with each other. They don't need to participate in the adult's world. The adult's world is often bloody and not suitable for children."

"Well, the kids have their own way to go. Just eat the chicken drumsticks quietly!"

The food they ordered had been delivered. They put the food that belonged to the children aside, and it was still steaming. They planned to wait for the children to play for a while and let them eat.

The two of them were eating their own food.

The amount of food here was moderate, which was enough for the children, and half full for the two adults.

But it was better not to eat too much oil. They could also go back to eat some fruits when they went home.

"Your two kids will be great when they grow up!" When they were eating, someone came to greet them.

They looked up and found that it was the little boy's father. He was very young, about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, wearing very fashionable clothes.

"Your child will also be great." Christina replied with a smile all the time.

"Yes, my child looks like me. He must be a capable man when he grows up." The boy's father seemed to be like this. He didn't know what was modesty and answered proudly.

His confidence was not disgusting at all. Instead, she thought that this kind of person should be like this, regardless of details.

"By the way, what kind of industry are you from?"

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Jarvis, and I'm twenty-six years old. I'm a fan of games. I usually play competitive games, occasionally go abroad to win glory for the country, and I have a studio. I live a leisurely life." Jarvis was more confident when introducing his career.

Cliff and Christina knew a little abou



As the two of them spoke, they hugged each other silently without saying anything else.

Sooner or later, the kids would be rich and powerful.

This was something that she could have expected, but when she thought about it now, she could still feel a sense of sadness. Perhaps this was parents' unique mood!

"Forget it. Don't think too much."

"Cliff, let go of me. I'm going to take a shower." Christina patted her face and soon that emotion disappeared.

It was better to seize the present than to think so much.

What was better than now?


"Christina, I'm going to the study to deal with some documents. You can go to bed first!"

Cliff kissed her forehead and eyes.

"Okay." Happiness was like soda water, constantly bubbling in the heart.

The warm water flowed through her skin. She squinted enjoyed it very much.

Pink and red petals floated in the bathtub, and the fragrance spread little by little.

The bathroom was full of mist. She cherished this quiet moment.

Christina spread the petals over her body. Her fingers shuttled through the water like fish and naughty children.

From the moment the accident happened to the moment she stood up, she could only imagine all this in her dream.

She thought that she would never have it again, and that those were just the extravagant hopes in her dream.

But she could still have it. She felt warm and happy in her heart.

She was very grateful to God for giving her this opportunity.

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