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   Chapter 279 Babies Shoot The Scene

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"Mommy, Mommy, we want to take photos with you!" Jack held Christina's hand and Allen held Christina's clothes. "Let's do it together."

"Really?" Christina raised her eyebrows.

"Yes." The two kids nodded.

"Well, we are going to start filming tomorrow. Can you do that?" At this time, Christina did not treat them as children, but asked in a tone of discussion.

"No, we'll get up early and work with Mommy!" The two kids stood up with their chests up.

"Well, it depends on your performance tomorrow!"


"Now, you go to tell Uncle Dick that you are willing to shoot." When it was time to train the children, Christina was never soft hearted

There was no shortcut on the way of growing up. Only by constant tempering would one become stronger.

She was a mother. She felt sorry for her children, and at the same time, she hoped that they could live a better life than her.

There were many accidents in one's life, which would disappear if one was not careful enough.

Therefore, learning to live in all kinds of ways was the best explanation for life.

"Uncle Dick, we are willing to work here. We will work very hard to shoot well. You have to believe us." Jack and Allen walked to Dick hand in hand. Before Dick could say anything, the two kids had spoken it out themselves.

Dick's face was no longer cold, and he had been talking to the children with a gentle smile.

"Then I'll leave the play to Jack and Allen tomorrow, okay?" Dick said in a softer voice.

"Okay, we will try our best to complete it and won't let Uncle Dick down."

Well, looking at such a grown-up conversation, he really couldn't find any flaws.

"Well, I believe you. You will definitely do a good job." Dick's heart was also melted by the two children' loveliness like those staff.

When would my baby recover? How could he be like the two little guys in front of him?

Maybe tomorrow

Dick's eyes sparkled.

He was looking forward to tomorrow's arrival.

After the kids had talked to Dick, Cliff also came. Christina and Cliff each held a child, with bodyguards protecting them. They walked outside.

The children's chirping voice came into her ears.


ood was also affected by the children, and it was good to eat these food with them occasionally for one or two times.

This shop had a good quality, people of Cliff's class liked to go there. It was owned by them for the sake of their children's health and safety.

There were a lot of children inside, and the atmosphere was very good.

When they walked in, the children who were joking stopped and looked at them. When they saw two new partners who were at their age or younger than them, they all showed a kind smile.

Some elders saw them and nodded to greet them. They didn't disturb them and each had their own space.

"Pretty lady, we want three drumsticks, chips, hamburgers, coke and lots of tomato paste." Jack ran to the cashier's desk and said to a young lady, his mouth as sweet as honey.

"Okay." The beautiful waitress's smile became brighter when she heard what Jack called her.

Jack was in charge of ordering, Allen was in charge of taking napkins and so on. The two kids had a clear division of labor, while Christina and Cliff were looking for seats.

Near the window, there was an empty table with four seats. Inside it was a leather sofa, on which there were dolls and small cars. Obviously, it was prepared for the children.

Christina and Cliff were very satisfied with the environment. There were green plants between each booth, which was relatively secluded.

However, to the two little guys, these were nothing.

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