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   Chapter 278

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Christina didn't worry that the little boys would get lost at all. There were more than a dozen bodyguards behind them, not to mention there was Mr. Huo.

After they had once lost Allen, there was no way Mr. Huo wouldn't do anything to keep the kids safe.

Christina was so happy that she gritted her teeth.

"Christina, calm down. Calm down..." Francis was afraid. It seemed that Christina was going to hit him.

Francis kept persuading Christina, but she didn't hear him. When the children came in front of her, she sneered, "how dare you?"

The two little fellows, like quails, quietly listened to Erica who was holding their ears. With a pitiful expression, their big eyes were shining and their small pink mouths were pouting.

"Is this how you boys behaved?" Christina added more strength.

"It hurts." Jack groaned and began to sell himself miserably.

"I'm sorry, Mommy." Allen was the first one to make an apology. His small face, which was as smooth as Q, rubbed against Christina's hand, trying to please her.

"Humph!" Allen's words softened Christina's heart, but she didn't show that she bought it. "It's useless to be obedient."

"Mua~, Mommy do not be angry. Kiss you!" Jack followed him immediately.

They were trying to play cute with each other. If anyone didn't accept it, they would really disappoint the little cuties!

There were already many people watching, and they were secretly itching to have a try.

If the goddess didn't buy that, they would eat!

Put down the cute baby, let's go!

"How dare you go out alone? Aren't you afraid of being taken away by the person who cheated the child? " Christina couldn't calm herself down, even though she knew that nothing would happen to the children.

However, there was always an exception. If that accident happened, who should she be responsible for and who should she cry for?

There was no medicine for regret in this world. Before everything happened, there was only precaution.

"Mommy, I'm sorry. We won't do that again." The two kids had a very good attitude and had clearly realized their mistakes.

"Really?" Christina didn't soften her tone and looked at the children with uncertainty.

"Mommy, we promise." The two kids raised their two fingers and said seriously.

"Can I count on your words?" Looking at the lovely ch

his face softened a lot.

"That's all for today's play. Let's call it a day." Dick said to the people who scattered after he finished the last scene and checked it again with satisfaction.

In the past, as long as Dick said this, everyone would immediately respond. Today, there were really few people who responded.


Because they all gathered around the children, trying to suck them up.

"Really? Come on guys, why don't you go back to get married and have children since you like children so much?" Dick said helplessly.

"Dick, your own child is different from other people's. If you give birth to a bear child, you will not be cute. You will feel tired!"

"Dick, we are still young. It's not too late for us to have a baby in a few years."

"Other people's children are always the best. Let's see, let's see..."

The laughter continued, and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy.

"You guys have some weird senses!"

"Well, it's time to close the door. Get out of here!"

"And remember to come early tomorrow. Don't be late."

"Yes, sir!"

Half an hour later, the crew quieted down. Dick hadn't left yet, neither did Christina and the children.

Christina had contacted Mr. Huo and learned that they were nearby.

They planned to wait for less time before going out, which could also be regarded as protecting the children. Moreover, Christina had just told the kids Dick's words. The children didn't understand at first. After she explained, the two children strongly expressed their will and wanted to take photos.

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