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   Chapter 277

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She had planned to let them play at home, but now it came in handy.

"Jackie, maybe we can find Mommy in half an hour. Are you happy?" Allen was searching for the route, but his little head tilted to the side and asked Jack with mass of biscuits in his mouth.

"How long is half an hour?" Jack who didn't think too much about the time asked immediately.

"Half an hour is thirty minutes, one thousand and eight hundred seconds." Allen explained to them very seriously. Although Jack still couldn't understand, he listened carefully.

"Wow, that seems to be pretty soon!" Jack immediately became excited. He could count one thousand and eight hundred.

"Brother, can we see Mommy as long as we count to one thousand and eight hundred?"

"Yes, as long as we count to one thousand and eight hundred, we can see Mommy." Allen nodded.

"Okay, let's start counting, so that we can see Mommy earlier." Jack quickly ate up the biscuits and drank a lot of water.

He knew he would dry his mouth after counting. Now she drank water first and wouldn't stop later.


Allen also missed his mother, so he quickly put the biscuits in his mouth and chewed them.

"Mr. Huo, the two young masters are really smart." Ben didn't know what to say to make an commend.

Allen, it's obvious not any four-year-old kid could be as intelligent as he, right?

What's more, there was Jack. Generally speaking, children at such an age could count two hundred and three hundred, which was already considered a smart child. But this one could actually count to one thousand and eight hundred.

'Forget it. Children from smart families usually manage the family at an early age, and their IQ is absolutely superior to others!'!

Not envious, not jealous, not at all!


When could he have such a cute and smart baby?

And they were also so considerate!

He sometimes really wanted to steal such a little treasure!

Who else would be interested?

Let's get into contact as soon as possible!

Ben's psychological activity could be called a big play of the year.

"Of course! You should've see that coming, I mean, look whose child is it?" Cliff said proudly.

His own child was meant to be this smart. Did he want it?

Go and have your own baby!

But Mr. Huo didn't show it on his face. His eyes were fixed on the kids.

These two bold kids were really persistent.

They could walk such a long

ink about their own abilities. If they told others, would they have a bright future in this circle.

In this circle, whoever had a strong background gets a bigger voice.

Since there was no strong backstage, she had to hold back and watch in the corner.

The two little boys were very beautiful, [萌萌], but they softened the hearts of a group of tough men!

If only she could have a dozen more adorable dolls.

Everyone loves them!

The troubles and tiredness of the whole day in the crew disappeared in an instant when they saw the two children.

It was really better than magic pills!

Christina happened to have a rest at this time. When she heard some noise from the crew, she didn't take it seriously. On the contrary, the active Francis had already been poking his head around.

Francis almost cried out when she saw Carl coming over with a cute baby in his hand.

Francis covered her mouth with one hand and tried to pull Christina away with the other.

Oh dear God!

Why are these two young masters here?

Did they come by themselves or did someone else drove them here?

Besides, what should she do now?

"What's wrong?" Christina opened her eyes and looked at Francis in confusion.

Francis didn't dare to speak now. She was afraid that he would scream as soon as he spoke.

She pointed to the other side, indicating her to look over.

Christina glanced at the direction pointed by Francis, and then her eyes quickly shrank.

If she wasn't mistaken, those were her two kids. What she wanted to do most now was to take off the pants of the two kids and pull them up hard.

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