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   Chapter 276 Little Tadpoles Looking for Dad and Mom

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"Ashley, what are you worried about?" When Ashley was about to shoot, Christina rolled her eyes and asked. Her voice was not loud, but could be heard by everyone around.

Francis and Carl looked at them. Cathy was looking at Ashley thoughtfully, but Ashley's whole body was stiff, and her fingers holding the script were bloodless and pale.

"I..." Ashley opened her mouth.

"Everyone has his own life. You don't need to forgive or feel guilty for anyone. In my impression, you are a strong girl. Even if you are a little arrogant and willful, you won't be hesitant because of anything. What are you afraid of now?"

Christina didn't have to speak so loudly, but if she didn't ask so loudly, Ashley would soon hide in the turtle shell like a turtle.

Maybe it would become a thing pressing on her heart, and then it could not be removed.

"Christina, I..." Tears slowly welled up in Ashley's eyes, but she didn't let them fall.

"Think about it carefully. What are you afraid of and what are you worried about? If you can't figure it out, you can discuss with me or talk to Cathy." Christina's voice became soft, as if it was a family member's murmur.

"… Okay. " Ashley nodded slowly.

"Well, let's go to the set!"


As soon as Ashley left, Christina felt tired.

She didn't know what these people were thinking. She was really exhausting!

"Christina, thank you for enlightening Ashley just now. Maybe my attitude is too tough and my tone is too harsh to hurt her, and I didn't take her thoughts into consideration."

"I will talk to her nicely. Thank you, Christina." Cathy returned and expressed her gratitude to Christina.

"It's our destiny. If it were someone else, I wouldn't have persuaded her."

"You two just talk nicely. Don't be too tough. In fact, she is still very fragile in her heart. Sometimes, if you have to be nice to her, you may achieve your expectations."

"Okay." Cathy was taught.

"I think I'm going to be a spiritual instructor. One, two, three, come to me for guidance. Do I have to pay for it on time?" Christina joked with Carl and Francis.

"Show off!" Carl was definitely the one who didn't give face to Christina.


on it. The eldest brother took care of the young brother, and the young brother was very obedient.

What a warm scene!

It seemed that if only he could have such a baby.

But who knew that such well-behaved babies had an unruly soul and was extremely bold.

"Brother, I'm tired. Can we sit down and eat a biscuit baked by Ada?" Jack was just this young brother. When he touched his belly, he could hear the rumbling sound from inside.

"Jack, there is a bench in front of us. Let's go to rest there. There are still five meters left." Allen held Jack's hand and pointed at the wooden bench not far away with his chubby hand.

"Is it really only five meters?" Jack didn't know much about numbers. Looking at the bench, he turned his head and asked Allen.

"Yes, only five meters." Allen nodded solemnly.

"Well, let's hurry up!"


The two kids walked towards the wooden bench hand in hand valiantly.

Upon hearing this, Cliff didn't know how to praise his eldest son. Was his eyes a ruler?

Five meters?

Well, as long as the little guy was happy.

At this time, they were still a little far away from the film crew. Christina was shooting, while the two little guys were resting and sharing happily and Cliff was staring at them.

When the kids had enough rest, they took out another electronic product, as if they studied it.

'They must be checking the route, ' Cliff speculated.

It was given to the two kids by Wade.

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