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   Chapter 275 Good-bye, Grace

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When she was praised for her beauty, Christina felt embarrassed to be praised, but in the end, she had to accept it.

She felt very happy in her heart when she was praised by her family members!

Christina kept these compliments and feelings deep in her heart. From time to time, she would think of them.

"Christina, your smile is so sweet! Is there anything good happening? " Francis was just like an ant. She could always find delicious food with her sharp nose.

"What good news can it be?"

"My little girl, just stay here." Christina moved Francis's head aside. Sometimes she had to treasure the good things that belonged to her, but she didn't have to share them.

"Christina, I've grown up. I'm not a little girl anymore." Francis pouted.

"Are you sure you are not a little girl?" Christina raised her eyebrows.

"All right! Okay! " Francis was speechless!

"Christina, we are going to the set this afternoon, and your scenes are about to be finished. Dick said that there are a few scenes to shoot, and he also wants to cooperate with Mr. Lewis." When she said Lewis, she became excited.

"So soon?" Christina didn't expect that.

"Yes! Although the shooting time of this movie is not long, Dick had grasped every minute and second. He really wanted to use it ten times a minute. "

"Although it has very few plots, the scenes are very exquisite. Dick tried his best to finish it, I'm really looking forward to the day of broadcast!" Francis was watching this TV series. Just standing aside and watching it made her blood boil. If it was on TV with special effects, the scene would be more eye-catching!

"Time flies. The new year is coming in a few days." Christina glanced at her phone and sighed.

"Christina, where are you celebrating the new year this year?" Francis had been with Christina for a long time, so she knew something about Christina's current situation and asked casually.

"Where can I go to celebrate the new year?"

"I'll go wherever my babies are!"

"Wow, my two babies. I haven't seen them for days. Christina, can you let me see them one day?"

"Let's talk about it later!"

"Okay, okay."

"Christina, are we going to the set now?"

"Yes, I'll go now. Go early and finish

k hard on your performance in the future."

"Well, goodbye is for the next reunion. Goodbye." Christina said sincerely without any falsehood.

Everyone had his or her own difficulties, and sometimes they had no alternative but do the thing they didn't want to do. It was very good for everyone to understand each other.

Maybe Grace had done a lot of wrong things and offended a lot of people.

But on such a day, she had finished her work, and Grace had taken the initiative to tell her. What could she do?

Sneered at her or other ways?

Anyway, she couldn't do that.

It was better to congratulate others calmly than to upset herself!

"Christina, I hope we can cooperate in the future."

"Christina, I'm leaving." Grace's assistant had already packed up her things. She stood not far away and looked at the staff passing by with a gentle smile on her face.


After Grace and her assistant left, some people were happy and some were sad. Only they knew their own mood.

On the other hand, Ashley came to Christina after Grace left. Christina didn't know what was wrong with her today.

"Christina, should I forgive her?" Christina understood what Ashley said.

Raising her eyebrows, Christina kept silent.

It seemed that Ashley didn't expect Christina to answer this question. She quickly shifted the topic to another topic, but the expression on her face had always been depressed.

Was she really a child?

All the emotions were shown on her face.

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