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   Chapter 274 She Is Too Beautiful

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"Why don't you come in?" After Lewis finished the song and calmed himself down, he saw Christina outside. The smile on her face was like the sunshine behind the rain, bright but not dazzling, very comfortable.

"I'm fascinated by it, so..." Christina rubbed her nose and looked a little embarrassed.

"Do you like it?" Lewis's eyes lit up.

"Yes, I do." Christina nodded honestly.

Lewis's music was good at soothing people's mood. Christina liked to listen to it at any time.

"I'm glad you like it."

"Christina, come in. I have several songs here. You can see if you like them." Then, Lewis pulled Christina aside and Christina followed him into the rehearsal room.

In the rehearsal room, she could see the other staff except Lewis. She didn't know whether Lewis asked the staff to leave or they were in the other place.


Lewis began to immerse himself in the performance again. Christina closed her eyes and listened carefully. Following the sound of the piano, all kinds of fantasies constantly appeared in her mind, as if she had personally experienced all of them.

By the time the piano was over, Christina had been sitting there for an hour unconsciously.

For an hour, Christina didn't do anything. It seemed that there were only the two of them in the rehearsal room.

Cliff had already been here. He was standing in the shadow outside. The people inside couldn't see him, but he could see the people inside.

"Mr. Cliff, aren't we going in?" The driver asked Cliff carefully.

"You don't have to go in." Said Cliff. Looking at the two people inside, especially the smile on Christina's face, he felt heavy in his heart.

Cliff had seen her relaxed smile a long time ago.

When he saw her smile again, he could tell that he missed her smile and felt guilty.

He couldn't make her smile so freely. It was all thanks to Lewis, another man, which made Cliff jealous again.

Could she smile like that as long as he could play the piano?

Cliff knew how to play the piano, but he seldom played it.

"I'm going back. Wait for Mrs. Christina here." Cliff decided to go home and practice the piano first.

Since Christina liked to listen to the piano so

ded firmly.

Helplessly, Christina had to take out her phone there was a video that the rehearsal room staff copied.

"Wow, is Mommy really dancing?"

"Mommy is so beautiful. She is like a fairy dancing there."

"Mommy, you must wear a beautiful dress and put on the best makeup, so that you can dance the best dance in the world."

The two little guys who liked to flatter her gave her face. They were really generous to praise her.

Hearing the praise of the little guys, Christina felt embarrassed and her face became redder and hotter so that she didn't even dare to put her hands on her hot face.

"Mommy, your face is so red!" Jack tried to touch it with his little hands, but it was so hot that he shrank back.

"Really?" Christina touched her face. It was so hot!

"Mommy, are you embarrassed?" Why did a naive child play this trick?

It must be an illusion.

"No." Christina shook her head.

Jack was so powerful that she almost lost her armor in front of him.

Christina had completely forgotten a man.

The man hadn't praised her.

Looking at the cute woman in the video, he had an impulse to go in, pull her out of the room and cover her with a blanket so that no one could see her except him.

His little woman was the most beautiful, the best, and the purest in the world.

His heart was full of various emotions. Fortunately, Cliff came to his senses in the end.

"I'm fascinated!" Cliff whispered in Christina's ear.

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