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   Chapter 273 Jealousy

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"You look very different." At last, Carl said after a long silence.

"There are many inconceivable things in the world, just like me."

"I'm still who I am, but many people don't know me."

"Carl, do you think it's amazing?"

"No, it's just incredible."

How could it not be magic?

Nowadays, there were so many people in the circle have plastic surgery, but what did those faces look like in the end?

Maybe those faces would be stiff in the end.

But seeing Christina's face, it was hard to believe that she had the plastic surgery.

Only the best people could have the best plastic surgery in the world.

It seemed that Christina had an adventure after the disaster!

Carl sighed. He knew that the actress he brought with was not those who had no backer.

"If you want to change your face, I think that person will be very happy to help you." Squinting her eyes, Christina appreciated Carl's calmness.

"Thank God, forget it. I'm very satisfied with my own face. It's natural and harmless. I only need to supplement water and nutrition every day, and I don't need other things like plastic surgery. I'd better not know those high-tech and magical technology!" Carl didn't want to try it.

"I'm very sorry that you don't want to try it!"

"To be honest, if that person knows that you are willing to let him design a face, he will be very happy. I'm afraid that he won't accept the money in the end." Christina said jokingly, feeling a little relieved.

Anyway, her identity would be known sooner or later. It was not a big problem to tell Carl now.

"Don't tempt me. I don't want to do that."

"Now that I know what you are going to do in the future, I will try my best to help you. Don't worry. Just do it boldly."

There were all kinds of things in the rich families. Everything could happen. If one was not careful enough, he might be smashed to pieces, and at last there would be no bones left.

Carl sighed in his heart. Something really happened to him!

"If there is anything, I will tell you in advance. Then we will cooperate inside and outside."


"Wow, Carl, you are so kind to me. I love you so much." Christina said exaggeratedly. Carl had goose bumps all over his body. It

sed to it.

"Mrs. Christina, we will escort you inside." After parking the car, the driver came to open the door for Christina.

"You just stay in the car and let two people follow me in. It will be noticed if there are too many people."

"Mrs. Christina, how about find another man to follow you with me?" The driver had been ordered by Cliff, so he didn't dare to take Christina out of his sight easily.


Christina didn't know where Lewis was, so she called him, but the phone was hung up all the time.

It seemed that he was too busy to answer the phone.

Christina had no choice but to ask the receptionists. Fortunately, Lewis was so famous that the Cultural Square had informed the receptionists that Lewis would come here. As soon as they asked, someone took them to look for Lewis.

Before she got close, she heard a good piano performance that went straight to the soul.

Christina was afraid that she would disturb him if she approached.

Although she didn't understand what the piano meant, it was very gentle. After listening to it, she felt very comfortable. She felt like lying in the sea, surrounded by all kinds of marine creatures, who were amiable, naughty and cute.

The sunlight was reflected into beams, like the light on the stage shining on the bottom of the sea. It was extremely beautiful. With the color of the sea, it was illusory like another strange world.

It was really beautiful!

It made people unwilling to wake up at all.

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