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   Chapter 272 Ranking Three

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"If you don't want people to know it, the best way is not to do it. What do you think of this sentence?" Christina ignored Ann. Looking at the angry look on Ann's face after being wronged, Christina wanted to expose Ann's true colours and see how evil she was so that she could be so fearless?

"I don't understand what you are talking about. Please leave here." Ann pointed at the outside of the office. It was obvious that she was trying to drive them away. Although the position of Christina in the company was higher than that of her, she didn't lower herself and was still so superior.

"Don't shed tears until you are in the dilemma. Ann, you are really good. I have to admit that in this respect."

"Ask yourself, since we met, you have been against me. How did I offend you? Why did you do such a stupid thing now? Do you think the Mu Company can protect you for the rest of your life? Or do you think that Charles can always help you? "

Getting closer to Ann, Christina whispered something threatening to Ann with a smile.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Ann's eyes twinkled. She stepped back and kept a certain distance from Christina.

"I don't know." The smile on Christina's face faded away slowly. "Then I really can't do anything to you. After all, when a person is going to lose his memory, it's impossible for her to remember."

"In that case, Miss Ann, please continue to lose your memory and try to regain it as soon as possible."

"This time, it seems that I came for nothing. I'll go first."

She had long known that it was impossible for Ann to admit it. Even though Ann hadn't got all the knowledge from Rachel, she had learned a lot from her.

Christina didn't intend to defeat Ann directly this time. There were many ways to deal with such a person.

This time, although she came to warn Ann, she was not sure that others would not hear what she said. She didn't know what the reputation of Ann in the company, and even in the fans would be.

After Christina left with a mysterious smile, Ann felt something was wrong.

After Christina left, Ann burst into anger. She smashed everything in the office. She was in a state of rage and it was difficult to calm down.

The agent and assistant who dared not speak and shook their heads

p an eye on the office and don't let irrelevant people in."

"Okay!" Being left behind, Francis could only stay obediently in the office.

"Can you tell me what's your relationship? Why is Ann always against you? Why do you care so much about the things of the Mu family? " Carl was not a fool. He didn't want to ask her before.

Now it was time to ask.

"Maybe you have already thought of the relationship between me and the Mu family. For the time being, you are right." Christina smiled. In fact, she had no secret of her relationship with the Mu family. Lots of people knew it.

"Then I really underestimated you."

"Christina, I won't ask you for the time being, but you have to inform me of your actions. I don't want to know it in the end every time. I can't even find the measures to deal with it, okay?" Carl was restless, but he didn't show it on his face.

He had guessed it, but as long as it was not confirmed, it could not be true.

Now that Christina had told him a small part of the truth, Carl thought he was still very naive.

"That's why I want the Mu Company to go bankrupt." Christina was still smiling, but the smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

"Very ambitious." Carl gasped.

"Then let me ask you, what's your ranking in the Mu family?" Carl had known something, but he still wanted to ask again. After all, that woman died in an air crash in that rumor.

"Ranking three." Christina said and thought, "I didn't like the word 'three', which could also mean the mistress!

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