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   Chapter 271 Idiots

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Francis was so proud that she checked micro-blog again happily.

"Francy, you didn't work early in the morning and just browsed micro-blog there. Be careful not to confiscate your mobile phone!" Christina yawned and walked into the office. When she happened to see Francis browsing micro-blog happily, she said casually.

"No, Christina!"

"Christina, did you do something bad last night? You are still yawning there? " Francis teased Christina while pleading with her.

"Do you want me to beat you?"

"Francis, I find that you are getting bolder and bolder."

"No, no, absolutely not. Christina, you must be mistaken." Francis would never admit it.

"Francy, it's wrong to lie!" Christina said with a smile. Francis felt a little nervous and found that it was more and more difficult for her to muddle through.

"Christina." With a sad face, Francis said, "I really don't want to hide it from you. I just saw a few pictures of you and wanted to look at them a few more times before telling you."

Holding her phone in her hand, Francis came to Christina. As soon as Christina saw the photo, she knew when it was taken.

"It's a good shot. It seems that the stalker is very capable! Even the bodyguards didn't find them. " 'it must be Ann who did this again, ' Christina thought.

"Christina, what should we do now?"

"There are many people supporting you and Mr. Cliff on the Internet." In fact, Francis couldn't say much about it, but he still hoped that Christina and Cliff could be together. They looked like a perfect match. They still had two children. If they were separated, it would be the cruelest thing in the world!

"It's none of your business. Someone will deal with these photos." Of course she knew what Francis meant?

In fact, the relationship between her and Cliff had been clear, but the veil between them hadn't been exposed yet. She was also worried that Hess had disappeared for a long time and she didn't know when he would appear again and what would bring about.

These were unknown variables, and no one knew what would happen. This was a thunder zone, and she didn't dare to touch it!



After listening for a while, Christina knew why Ann was scolding the people.

Ann was really stubborn!

"Christina, are we going in?" Francis pointed inside and asked Christina in a low voice.

"Why don't you go in?" Christina opened the door directly. The sound of opening the door was so loud that Ann was startled by the sound.

"Why are you here? You are not welcome here. " Pointing at the door, Ann stared at them.

"This is the CCH. How can we not be welcome?" As a person who had shares the CCH, Carl was very tough when he said that!

"This is the office that the company has assigned to me, and now it is my territory. If you don't get my permission to come in, do you think it's appropriate for you to do so?" Ann held her phone tightly. She was not lucky to meet these bad guys, especially Christina. She was so unlucky.

"I see! It seems that I'm really ignorant. " Christina blinked, showing no intention of leaving.

"What the hell do you want?" Now Ann wanted to throw Christina in front of her out.

"What do I want to do, this must ask you, Miss Ann. What have you been doing these days?" Christina didn't answer her question but asked in reply, which stunned Ann.

"What am I doing?" Ann was amused, "Christina, is there something wrong with your brain that makes you think everyone is the same as you?"

"I've been filming these days. What can I do? Christina, can you tell me? "

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