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   Chapter 270 Is She

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At this time, the woman was extremely scared. She could do everything in front of Charles, because Charles regarded her as his favorite woman, and she could get whatever she wanted.

However, Jeremy, who was in charge of her life and death, knew all her secrets and sent her to Charles.

She was very afraid of Jeremy.

What should she do?

When she was sent to Charles by Jeremy, she also wanted to do tasks, but when she saw what he had promised to her, coupled with her own chips and ambitions, she was not willing to be a chess piece in Jeremy's hand. She wanted to be a chess player.

Her ambition was so big that she couldn't see her original self anymore. She thought she could change everything and get what she wanted.

But now, with the appearance of Jeremy, she saw herself clearly again.

She hated it very much. She could be a Phoenix, but why should she be a pheasant in the wild?

She was the one who was superior to others.

Therefore, she would never give in and let Jeremy control her.

Ambition and power were bound to be obtained, which could be clearly seen in this woman's eyes. It was still unknown who would win in the end.

"Jeremy, did you go to see Charles?" As soon as Angela saw Jeremy get in the car, she asked him.

"Yes." Sitting in the back seat and listening to Angela's words, Jeremy pinched his aching forehead.

"What's wrong with you?" Noticing that Jeremy was not in a good mood, Angela asked with concern.

"A chess piece has its own thoughts." Jeremy was a powerful man. How could he not see through that woman's mind?

It didn't work for him to go against his will inward.

"Since the chess piece is not obedient, then break it. Anyway, it's okay to look for the other one again." In Angela's eyes, there was only useful person and useless person, and she wouldn't feel sorry that she gave up the chess piece.

Angela and Jeremy had the same experience. The hardships they had gone through from childhood to adulthood were unimaginable, and their stone hearts made people feel that they were no longer normal people.

However, they had iron hearts. They protected themselves well with it so that they could survive in this cruel

ctures about goddess and Cliff. Even if I don't believe it at the beginning, I believe it now. My goddess is probably with Mr. Cliff."

"Shh, keep it down, or it will be turned off again."


"Alas, it's so difficult for us to see goddess's news, not like other fans. They can see whatever news they want."

"Please don't say that. I didn't feel comforted at all!"

"Me too."

"All right, all right. Let's continue to look at the photos!"

"Those two babies are so cute! Why are they so cute? "

"I just want to see the little baby's face to see if it is as tender as I imagined."

"Are the two babies goddess and Mr. Cliff's?"

"According to reliable information, it doesn't seem to be true. Anyway, there are a lot of things that I know, but I can't tell you. I'm sorry."

"Stop talking. Let's imagine it! It's better than knowing the truth. "

"You're goddess's fans, and I'm Mr. Cliff's supporter. I don't think a goddess deserves Mr. Cliff at all. She doesn't even deserve to lick Mr. Cliff's shoes!"

"Who are you? Get out of here. "

"Well, I can't tell the truth. It's really domineering!"

"Yes, we are domineering. So what? You can also speak ill of others in other place. We don't allow you to say that here."


A series of abusive words spread on the Internet.

Francis watched it with great interest.

Goddess was her and she was goddess's assistant!

Who could know the latest inside story before her?

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