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   Chapter 267 Parent-child Clothes

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"I don't know if babies will like this kind of clothes." There were several parent-child clothes in Christina's hands. She liked this one, and that one. Another set was also cute very much.

"They will definitely like your taste, but..." Cliff looked at the cute parent-child suit for a few times. His meaning was self-evident.

"What's wrong?" Christina immediately understood, but she still pretended not to understand and raised her eyebrows.

"Nothing, nothing." Cliff bowed his head in front of absolute power.

"Then I'll pack all these. I think all the babies will like them, especially this one. It's so cute!" Christina's eyes sparkled, but Cliff felt chilly all over his body.

It was always like this. When it was time to pay, Cliff was very active. He took out his card and gave it to her.

Finally, they left in the shop assistants' eyes of enthusiastic satisfaction.

Christina and Cliff found a restaurant nearby to have dinner. After dinner, they immediately went home, not in the mood to go shopping.

Cliff would say yes to whatever Christina said.

The two of them decided to go back. It wasn't too late, but they avoided the rush hour. It didn't take them a long time to go back home.

The two kids were playing in the game, and Ada was accompanying them.

"Babies, look what Mommy has brought you." Christina said mysteriously, hiding the bag behind her and winking at the children.

"Mommy, is it a gift for us?" The kids also winked at Christina and were intrigued. They put down their toys and walked towards her.

"Come here and see what it is." At the thought of the lovely parent-child clothes the children were wearing, Christina's heart was melting.

Cliff waited in the living room. When he saw the most important person in his life walking towards him, he felt sweet and helpless. Especially when he thought of the clothes he couldn't refuse, he had an urge to turn around and leave!

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed.

"Baby, do you like it?" Christina was very happy to hear that.

"Yes, I do." Jack nodded quickly.

"What about Allen?" Christina turned to Allen again.

Allen had a serious face, and this c

s became bigger and bigger, like the sun in the sky, dazzling and beautiful.

"What are you doing?" Without anyone noticing, Wade appeared in the villa of Cliff. Looking at the four pandas, he thought he had entered a panda breeding room.

When Wade realized what was going on, he really burst into laughter, bending over the wall.

"Your family is really childish. You can also wear such parent-child clothes, and my brother also wears it. I have never seen him like this." What a meaningful sentence!

Wade was just trying to make things worse.

"Have you seen enough?"

"If you have seen enough, you can leave here. You are not welcome here." Upon seeing him, Cliff's face darkened.

"Why don't you welcome me?"

"Do you think you have any reason to welcome you?"

"Well, you have completely convinced me with the truth."

"Since I can come here today, I don't want to leave. Anyway, I'm determined to stay here." Wade sat down on the sofa casually.

"Tell me, what are you doing here?" Seeing that he couldn't drive Wade away, Cliff changed the topic and asked.

"Change the topic?"

"So, Cliff, do you have a girlfriend now?" Curious about this question, Wade looked at Cliff for a while.

"Do you think I have that kind of creature?"

"Then what is Christina?"

He was really a troublemaker!

"What do you think of Christina in my mind?" Cliff retorted.

"Then how do I know?" Wade blinked his eyes.

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