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   Chapter 266

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"Yes, you are right." With a very serious look on her face, Christina tried to ignore the weird smile on her shoulder.

"Let's go out for dinner, and then I'll invite you to watch a movie and go shopping?" Christina didn't have anything else to do in the afternoon. Seeing that Mr. Huo had almost finished his work, she became active.

"Eat, watch a movie, and then go shopping?"


"Honey, are you sure that's what you are saying??"

"Really? You are inviting me? To go on a date with you?"

"Or what? What did you think I would say?" Christina smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"I'm totally fine with it. Are we going now?" You can doubt everyone, and you can't doubt your beloved one. The first rule of loving your wife is to follow and trust unconditionally.

"Let's go then!" Christina was very satisfied with the result.

"I have something to tell Ben. Wait for me a moment."


Mr. Huo was a man of action, and he finished his work in an instant.

Ben, who had been squeezed again, finally bowed his head to the top evil forces between generous bonus and annual leave.

Ben, who had been squeezed out of his energy, looked at the two shameless men and women who were showing off their love all the time with tears welling up in his eyes. Oh, shall he say a pair of lovers passing by him.

Ben's miserable image left a deep impression on Christina. After getting on Mr. James' car in the Huo's Company building, Christina couldn't help but laughing out loud.

"Cliff, is that how you treat your employees?" She felt sorry for Ben. She drew a huge cake in the front and whipped it all the time.

If you want to eat delicious cakes, you have to be honed first.

Yes, it was absolutely right.

The sympathy only lasted for a moment. Christina wanted to know what Mr. Huo was trying to do. In this way, she could go back and teach Francis well, so that she wouldn't have to check micro-blog as soon as she had time.

It was so annoying!

"We get the same harvest and pay the same price. Ben's income is the whole year's income of a small factory boss, or even higher."

"Do you think I can let Ben lead a leisurely life?" While paying attention to the road, Mr. Huo chatted with Christina.

After thinking for a while, Christina thought it was right. There was nothing wrong with it.

"It's different to be a boss. No one else can compare with this driving skill!"

The two of them cam

completely under the management of a professional manager, and she was sitting behind the scenes to collect money.

Speaking of the hunting company, it had gained a firm foothold at home and was gradually carrying out a acquisition plan to the twilight group.

Although the speed was a little slow, it had been steadily progressing, and the process was very happy.

"Cliff, I don't want you to spoil me. It's not good to be spoiled." Christina said seriously, pouting.

The childish side of him made Cliff smile knowingly. "It doesn't matter if you are spoiled and arrogant? I will. No one dares to say anything. "

"Okay, you are the boss. You can do whatever you want!" Christina rolled her eyes at Mr. Huo.

"That's a children's clothing store. They sell parent-child clothes. Let's go in and have a look." Christina's eyes lit up as she pointed at the store in front of her.


As soon as they walked into the shop, the saleswoman greeted them warmly.

"What kind of clothes do you need? How old is your baby? Is it a boy or a girl? "

The saleslady's questions were atually quite pleasing, and every word was asked to the hearts of the moms.

"We want to see parent-child clothes. My son is four years old. He is so tall. He has..." Christina told the saleslady with gestures. The saleslady knew how heavy and how high the baby was when she heard her description. She quickly led them to the parent-child clothing area.

There were a lot of parent-child clothes in front of her, which were hot and comfortable to touch.

"Does this style go well with me?" Asked Christina, looking at Cliff.

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