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   Chapter 265 They Were All Idiots

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"Nothing serious except for the forehead injury." Cliff held Christina's hand, put it on his cheek, and then put it on the big bump.

"It just looks serious and doesn't hurt much. Really, don't worry." He kissed her gently on the palm of her hand and held her in his arms.

"We'd better go to the hospital tomorrow in case of concussion." Leaning against his chest, Christina squinted.

His heartbeat was steady and powerful.

As long as he was fine.

Christina muttered a few more words, but she was so sleepy and her voice was low so that people couldn't hear what she said clearly.

Cliff, who was standing close to her, grinned all the time.

"Silly woman, don't worry. I won't let anything happen to me. I will protect myself, and so will you."

Cliff picked up Christina gently and walked towards their room. Although the room was useless, it could still play a role when necessary.

Cliff didn't want to wake Christina up. He simply helped her wash her face and feet, and then held her in his arms to sleep.

As for the bath, just leave it for tomorrow!

"Christina, bad news!" Francis hurried to look for Christina. Not long after she arrived at the office, she was still listening Carl's words about the schedule for the next few days.

In particular, there was an exterior commercial shooting, which was estimated to take a day out of town. Christina was still thinking about how to tell the children.

"What's wrong?" Being interrupted by Francis, Christina turned her head to look at Francis, who looked like a crazy woman.

She didn't know what was wrong with her.

"Christina, open the iPad to see the top search." Francis gasped for breath. Seeing a glass of water on the table, she picked it up and drank it without asking.

"Is it my gossip again?"

Christina slowly opened the tablet computer and the APP. She clicked on the first hot search item. After reading it several times, she was sure that she didn't read it wrong.

"They are really good at lying!" Christina was almost amused by this hot search. She didn't know which bastard posted it without knowing the truth.

They said that Cliff had hit a dead person, that Cliff had taken advantage of his power to bully others, that Cliff had never taken the law seriously, that Cliff had completely taken control of traffic police, and that t

haggard. He wasn't as arrogant as he was the other day. On the livestream, he sincerely apologized to Cliff. He told him how the car accident had happened that day and how he would compensate Cliff.

The onlookers who had become idiots were really dumbfounded at this moment.

Did they all think that their IQ was negative, so they treated them like this?

There was a storm on the Internet!

The micro-blog host who had been exposed to the public was swore by all kinds of people on the micro-blog.

How could such fake news be released?

It was not only a frame up, but also a fraud, breaking the law.

Everyone was calling on people to severely punish such a person and not to let him get away with law.

If he didn't get a good treatment this time, there would be a second or three times, and then there would be many more times.

The relevant departments also took action very quickly. They soon targeted the person and arrested him.

"You are really fast!" In the afternoon, Christina came to Cliff's office when she was free. When she heard Ben's report, she admired Cliff so much.

"Giving the enemy a gasp is cruelty to yourself."

"Yes, you are right."

"Do you think there are any people behind this matter?"

"I don't care about it. Sooner or later, I'll clean them up."


"Why do I think you are right?"

Christina was amused by his serious look. He was so cute!

"Because what I said is right. Don't you think so, Christina?" Cliff blinked his eyes and played the handsome man trick on her shamelessly.

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