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   Chapter 264 He Had A Car Accident

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"Then I'm relieved, or I don't know how to tell Christina." Francis touched her chest and was taken aback by herself!

"What did you say?" After the last scene was finished, Christina saw Cathy and Francis chatting and happened to hear the last sentence, so she asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Francis stammered out of nervousness. She didn't know how much Christina had heard about what she had just said to Cathy.

Francis took a glance at Christina's face secretly and found that there was no change in Christina's expression, but Francis still muttered in her heart.

"Really?" Obviously, it was not easy to deal with Christina.

"Let me tell you!" Cathy couldn't bear to see Francis mutter and mumble. Just like Ashley, this would always make a big mistake in the end.

"Cathy..." Francis wanted to stop her, but she was stopped by the gaze of Cathy and Christina at the same time.

"Thank you, Cathy."

"Francis learned from Ben's conversation with Mr. Cliff that Mr. Cliff had a car accident. But we don't know if he is all right. Francis doesn't dare to let you know. She has been hesitating." Cathy didn't want to make lots of explanations, so she said briefly.

"A car accident?" With her eyes wide open, Christina asked, "Cliff had a car accident?"

Christina's heart raced wildly, almost out of order. When did this happen?

Why didn't anyone tell her such an important thing?

For a moment, Christina was in a mess and didn't know what to do.

"Yes, call him, I can call him to ask." Seeing the phone in her hand, Christina gradually calmed down.

With her trembling hands, Christina dialed Cliff's number, hoping that he would answer the phone as soon as possible.

The phone rang a few times, and it was answered. It was Cliff's sound.

"Christina, I'll be there soon. Wait a minute." Cliff comforted Christina with soft voice.

"I..." Christina opened her mouth but couldn't ask.

"There are still ten minutes left. You can pack up and sit there. I will be there soon." On the halfway, Cliff changed a car with Ben, so it took some more time on the way.

He was afraid that Christina would be worried when she saw the car. Although the car and the people were not hit hard, Cliff still tried his best not to frighten Christina.


ell you my guess?"

"Uncle, don't make trouble. Daddy and mommy love each other very much. There won't be the other woman." Jack and Allen baby stared at Wade seriously, which made Wade burst into laughter.

"Well, I said something wrong. Please forgive me!" It was good to know and apologize the mistake!

"Now that you are all back, I'll leave too. I'm afraid that I would be disdained if I continue to stay here." After saying a few more words, Wade left obediently.

As soon as Wade left, the four of them were together. Christina went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, but the two children and an adult had to follow her to the kitchen.

During the dinner, the family of four started to eat at the same time. These food looked good and had a good taste. They were full of happiness and sweetness in their hearts.

"The kids are sleeping. Tell me about the car accident." Christina and Cliff sat in the living room. Suddenly, Christina's eyes fell on Cliff's forehead.

Because of the dim light, she didn't find it at first. When they returned home, the lights were bright, and Christina immediately found it.

It was a big, red bump.

This was supposed to have happened in a car accident.

At that time, the children hadn't gone to bed, so Christina didn't ask much.

When the kids finally fell asleep, she couldn't help but ask.

"Are there any other wounds on your body?" Christina reached out her hand to touch Cliff's forehead. Before she touched it, she thought it must be very painful.

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