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   Chapter 263 Keep It From Christina

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Some were lame, and some were not.

People who couldn't recognize Cliff's car were either unfamiliar with the car or at a different level.

The people who had recognized Cliff's car all looked at the man who was still cursing sympathetically, as if they had seen a fool.

'Was he stupid so that he compared a car worth about three hundred thousand with a car worth about thirty million?

The person who could drive that kind of car was a very important person!

The conservative estimate was about thirty million. But what about the real value?

They were speechless. Even if he sold his car, he couldn't repair the car in front of him.

Although they didn't know the whole process, their eyes were really good!

There was no problem with the car in front of him. It was a small peak now. Even if they met the green light, the car in their position could not pass quickly.

And the car behind them might be in a hurry.

A car accident happened here, and the traffic police of this road came five minutes later.

There were six traffic policemen in total. Two of them were in charge of the scene and maintaining the traffic flow. Two of them went to the men's place to learn about the situation, and two of them went to Cliff's place.

As soon as the police came in, Cliff rolled down the window. Without saying anything, he gave the police a thing like a phone.

The two policemen looked at each other for a while and then checked the vehicle recorder.

"My assistant will be here soon." After the call was connected, Cliff said a few words to the traffic police.

"Sir, what does he mean?" Before the police could say anything, the man behind them caught up and pointed at Cliff.

If one look carefully, there was panic in the man's eyes.

This man was scared!

"Sir, please go back with us to answer some questions." The policemen didn't give a direct answer, but they had already surrounded the man.

"I... He... " The man's eyes wandered between the traffic police and Cliff, who was sitting in the car. At last, his arrogance was no longer the same as before. He was like a deflated ball.


"Sir, please keep it for a while, so that we can take a record." One of the young policeman said to Cliff as he walked to Cliff's car.

"Two minutes." Said Cliff, taking a look at the carriages in front of him.

"Sure." The young policeman breathe


"That's good, that's good."

"Francis, what were you murmuring just now? Is there anything bothering you? " Seeing that Cathy was about to have a chat with Francis and inquire about what had happened in the crew recently, so as to prepare everything for Ashley to enter the team again.

"Nothing, nothing." Francis shook his head.

"It's not convenient to tell me?" Cathy didn't insist.

"Not really." Francis frowned.

"Then tell me. Maybe I can help you." Francis was a simple person and you could know her mood from her face, which was similar to Ashley, and it was also the most tiring weakness.

"Mr. Cliff seems to have a car accident. I don't know how he is now. I don't dare to tell Christina." Francis said briefly and looked at Cathy like a little rabbit.

"A car accident?" Cathy was shocked.

"Then how did you know this news?" Cathy asked again.

"I heard a little from Ben, and then I asked my friend to confirm, so..."



"Did Ben say anything happened to Mr. Cliff?" After all, Cathy was more experienced than Francis, so she could think more thoroughly when something happened.

"Ben said Mr. Cliff would come in half an hour or an hour." Francis repeated.

"Now that Ben said so, it means that Mr. Cliff is fine. Francis, don't think too much, in case you affect Christina later." Cathy was really tired, Francis was cared Christina so much that she didn't get the point!

"Really?" Francis blinked.

"Yes, nothing." She rubbed Francis's bangs like the pot lid, and her bangs made Francis look silly and cute actually.

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